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Originally posted on October 1, 2017 @ 11:35 pm

20 New Funny Quotes for Your Week

I just want them to feel special. Whoever they are. They know that somewhere out there, someone is eating cake.


I am so priceless, I can’t believe I have to explain it. 


Like you can email me a Hot Pocket? Then we’re talking.


They will pay!


Spiderman lied to me.


There’s not much, that’s for sure.


Going to do the thing, going to do it…nah..going to watch Netflix instead.


Just enough. Not too much of an effort will be made.


And sometimes making plans to eat later meals.


You can have it back, really.


Whyyyyyy. Don’t we have the technology to cancel this?


I’ll at least be giving people warning.


And also writing it as “u” instead of “you”. 


They’re the best place to think.


I know the song goes like this!


If they can’t handle the world at its slowest, then they can’t handle me.


Carry on, my wayward shopper.


Are we sure we’re not already there?


I’m worth that bruise!



You tried to connect it, but it’s definitely out and now what?

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