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22 of the Funniest Quotes You’ll Read

Quote Boobsallday I mean, you’ll hurt your neck doing that


Quote Burningbridges

Blow it all up!


Quote Carebear

I mean, let’s be real here. I’d be Baco-Bear.


Quote Discovermilk

Like, how? What? Really?


Quote Donesoul

Deep, deep in my soul. It’s a song to my heart. I am 900% done.


Quote Feelbaddog

Those poor pups have to deal with…that.


Quote Ikeatable

Don’t test me. And I don’t come with instructions. Okay, well I have instructions but they’re just weird little pictures.





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Quote Mephonecall

Damn, they answered!


Quote Missidiot

So much. Just, so much.



Quote Mydecision

I’m a very informed decision maker, rest assured.


Quote Peoplehiding

I should be a professional Hide and Seek player. They’d never find me.



Quote Pizzaopinion

But yet here you are…



Quote Seizedday

Can I just go back to bed?


Quote Sickofhumans

So many humans, so many people to avoid.


Quote Singlepizza

Very hungry is my other status.


Quote Talkingtomyself

Eh, I ain’t missing anything.


Quote Thatsenoughtoday

Let’s not do today…let’s sleep until tomorrow.


Quotes Stirthepot

So bored, challenge me here!


Quote Bitchheart

Screw her. I’m going to listen to the brain. Ah, but that’s so sensible…meh.


Quote Shoutout

I heart you, because you hate me which means I got noticed.



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