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23 Gut-Busting Funny Minion Quotes
Minion Bras

This is my happiest place on earth. I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, instead, just sit!

Minion Clever

Why is that? All comebacks come after we’ve already finished arguing!

Minion Cocoa

Doesn’t that sound like the best day ever?

Minion Fart Whoops! All you can do is laugh and blush!
Minion Freakinghungry

It’s very serious. Please give me ice cream.

Minion Frozenturkey

Next I’m going to go get some wild pumpkin pie!

Minion Jackass

But that’s so hard. 

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Minion Lazyrule

I loved that thing, but now it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye shoe, goodbye remote! Oh wait, what am I saying, I will go get the remote!

Minion Nevermindrmind

It’s just better this way. I have limited energy.

Minion PantsonfireThat would be quite a sight!
Minion Smartass

Best rhyme ever, right?!

Minion Truth

But you should try it sometime.

Minions Bras

See, now you know! You know “DOUBLE DANG” is funner to say.

Minions Cantreach

Yep, didn’t need that thing anyway.

Minions CoconutNow he knows that he was wrong!
Minions Cursive Ah they just don’t teach it anymore. It will be like we have our own secret code!
Minions Likeme

It’s okay you don’t. I don’t have to be worried about it. You make your choice, I make mine.

Minions Lying

So many billionaires! 

Minions Supermarket

What do you think I’m doing here?!

Minions Table

Or maybe the wall.

Minions Turtle

Turtles are our greatest teachers.


Minion Yep

Someone find a way to make this happen. 

Minion Shrink

Oh man, I’d love that!


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