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24 Hilarious Minions Images
Minion Accusedofcheating

It’s like the forbidden fruit.



Minion Coffeesubstance

It lets people enjoy who I am!



Minion Dorothycant

It’s just not fair. I guess life isn’t a fairy tale!



Minion Facebookjail At least there’s sometimes kittens to see on Facebook.



Minion Facebookstupid

Just enjoy the ride.



Minion Goingonatrip It could rain or be sunny or I could be bored and what would I do then?



Minion Hahagoodone

Like that’s a good one, brain!



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Minion Jellyfish

I guess you can survive it! But what’s the point?



Minion Leader There could be spiders or monsters or Pennywise who knows!



Minion Lifeisntchocolates So choose carefully!



Minion LooksfadeGet someone who can make you breakfast!



Minion Morningstartednoon

It would still be called “morning.”




Just more to love!



Minion Snarkysarcasm

I’d be a millionaire.



Minion Takenotes I’ll just wait here and observe your comments! 



Minion Throwapunch

See, you’re a genius.



Minion Thursdayreceipts

I’m going to return them, I will!




Minions Eatbetter

My body knows better.



Minion Onesizecoffee

Or else we’d go crazy!




Minion Zerotolerance

Sadly not curable.



Minion Daybeautiful Then breakfast, lunch and dinner in between!



Minion Breakingnews

This just in: I still don’t care.



Minion Bullshitreaction

It’s the fastest thing about me.



Minion Dietdiet

I tried, but I am so very weak.


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