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24 Last-Minute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Diy Gift Wrapping  Brown Paper And Black Marker

Make your wrapping bright and colorful with a lights motif 

Diy Gift Wrapping  Little Cardboard String And White Paint

Or splatter the paper to make a cool effect like dripping snow

Diy Gift Wrapping  Brown Paper And Glitter

What a dazzling sight is this glittery tape you can DIY

Diy Gift Wrapping  Brown Paper Just Add Horns And Face

This reindeer wrapping style is perfect for kids or those young at heart

Diy Gift Wrapping  Brown Paper With Polkadots

Need to do a wrapping last minute? This dotted technique will work perfectly using some dollar store items

Diy Gift Wrapping  White Paper, Green Tape And Gold Paper

If you have a stash of washi tape, this is a perfect way to use it to wrap presents

Diy Gift Wrapping  Fancy Tag To Dress Up Brown Wrapping Paper

Accentuate your wrapping paper with glitter-dipped tags

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Diy Gift Wrapping  Turn Any Plain White Paper Into Stylish Polkadot Wrapping

More dots are here, but this time in a beautiful shiny gold

Diy Gift Wrapping  Fancy Name Tags From Newspaper And Brown Paper

Try this banner wrapping style to label presents with the right names

Diy Gift Wrapping  A Little Gold Paint To Feather Up Newspaper Wrapper

How amazing are these gold-tipped feathers for wrapping?

Cut Up Some Yarn To Make A Pompom  Diy Gift Wrapping

A bit of paint, a Sharpie and a pom-pom = a fun abstract wrapping paper design

Diy Gift Wrapping  Use Cookie Cutter As Stencil

Cookie cutters help you make clever gift wraps with trees and other shapes

Diy Gift Wrapping  Decorate White Paper With String And Some Christmas Tree Cutouts

Get this Scandinavian look with a free printable

Just Doodle On It With A Black Marker  Diy Gift Wrapping

Make looking at presents a game with a fun doodle idea or two

Diy Gift Wrapping  Use A Straw To Spice Up Any Brown Paper Wrapping

Wrapping hacks galore are here

Diy Gift Wrapping  Gold Pen To Decorate Plain White Paper

Still can’t get over gold? Here’s some starry dots for your wrapping

Diy Gift Wrapping  Collect Some Wild Flowers For Authentic Decorative Inspiration

This is actually spray-painted gift wrap – isn’t it gorgeous?

Diy Gift Wrapping  Star Hole Punch To Dress Up Some Boring Brown Wrapping Paper

A star punched motif on your wrapping would look nice, wouldn’t it?

Diy Gift Wrapping  Turn Any Thing Into A Gift Bag

You can even make your own DIY gift bags

Diy Gift Wrapping  Fabric Gift Wrap

If you want to do zero waste, consider using fabric as your gift wrapping

Diy Gift Wrapping  Letter To Santa Decoration

Make your gift wrapping look like a festive cheery letter

Diy Gift Wrapping  Strips Of Old Wrapping Paper Does The Trick

Another great washi tape idea for gift wrapping

Editble Gift Wrapping? Diy Gift Wrapping

It’s a marshmallow world with these dots..




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