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24 Zelda Memes For You As You Wait for Breath of the Wild 2

zelda memes - Hyrule

I’m ready to waste a bunch of hours trying!

funny zelda memes - or cat eating plastic

Spit out…spit it out…

funny zelda memes - lion king

And it moves us allllllllll.  You didn’t think you would get Disney memes crossed with Zelda memes, but here we are.

Funny zelda memes

It’s like Mando with Grogu. There’s probably going to be 50 memes about this. 

zelda memes - entire chinese population

Us all in January 2021. Ouch, Zelda memes cut.

zelda memes - link grown

He have a hat.

zelda memes - man with mcdonalds sign on head

Millions served? Not yet. 

funny zelda meme - sooga

Oh hey. 

zelda botw meme - new time line


zelda meme botw - everyone will die

A more realistic tagline.

zelda botw meme - skyward sword fans react

They’re having so much fun!

zelda link meme - link oddities

It hard.

zelda memes - aoc vs botw

Thank you, thank you. 

zelda botw meme - george

Breath of the Wild meme!

zelda meme - danny devito

Timeline time.

zelda meme - lynel vs sidon

Our battle will be legendary.

zelda memes - brains

It’s too much.

zelda aoc meme - prequel alert

And there’s the fun. 

zelda aoc meme - botw prequel

Come on, give it.

zelda meme - time traveler spoiler

Wait, what?

zelda meme - eat the rich

It’s distilled to just a few things.

zelda memes - love them rocks It’s like Animal Crossing

zelda botw memes - priorities

Wait, is something else happening?

zelda memes - twilight princess

There’s so much out there! 

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