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25 Pinterest Fails That Will Make You Die Laughing


At least they look edible.

Cookie Fail

Put that poor cookie monster out of his misery.

Christmas Story Fail

Those cookies look really fra-gil-e.

Baby Light Fail

Who are these wizards who get these shots?!

Ariel Cake

The Little Mermaid got a little fried..

Balloon Bowls

At this point, I’d say you just eat the chocolate and forget making bowls of it.

Painted Shoes

I don’t know, maybe you can save them for a melting snowwoman costume.

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Elsa Cake Fail

Why does Elsa look like Tammy Faye Baker?

Groot Fail

I am Grogdgjghhtt…

Heart Bacon

This is bacon my heart hurt. All that wasted deliciousness.

Hedgehog Cake

This is going to come back and haunt my dreams, isn’t it?

Jabba Cake

From Jabba the Hut to a lecherous frog…

Lamb Cake


Gummy Cake

Well, it’s a cake..still tried.

Nail Fail

Well if you wanted your nails to be a fright, goal met.

Nailedit Teeth

I think your cake needs some dental work, maybe a bridge or two. 

Nailpolish Fail

You just didn’t have the right polish for this project.

Sourpatch Kids

This looks like something that would be buried in the backyard.

Cookie Cocktail

Why is Cookie Monster consistently let down in these fails?

Drip Pumpkin

At least you got it to melt on the pumpkin, that’s good..

Pikachu Cake

Aw, Pikachu I do not choose you! Pika, pika, what?

Baby Pumpkin

You know what? You’re going to want to just throw that pumpkin away, trust me.

Minion Cakes

At least they have eyes.

Mug Cake

That time you tried to make yourself a sweet quick treat, and it exploded everywhere.

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