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Originally posted on March 19, 2017 @ 12:08 pm

36 Of The Best Funny Pics Ever

36 Of The Best Funny Pics Ever. More funny pics HERE.

Quarantine parking etiquette?

Learn from the squirrels’ mistake.

I want to be sure the pants didn’t cause the accident.

So naked…

Social isolation.

Holy incest!

So rich.

What about scissors?

This man is thinking a-head.

Do dogs find uniforms sexy too?

Is that a real tan? or a Twix on tan?

Civil rights for cutlery.

He don’t like hugs.

Mary Poppins theme? or Jaws theme?

Stars are in alighment.

Grow into it.

Doesn’t get better than that.

That’s faith.

Always timed perfectly.

Guess it’s a free for all now!

Life’s little dilemmas.

Dog ate my homework?

But pigeons are the hobos of the bird world.

The world is your entertainment.

So is the corona virus!

Or an X-men.

Gotta improvise!

Or 3 cheeseburgers.

Guess it works.

No pun intended.

Truth according to cookie monster.

Taco tuesday!

Take that kindle!

Borat’s Kazahkstani delicacy.

Flip phones!


More funny pics HERE.



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