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37 Funny Pictures and Memes for Anyone Who Can’t Cook

Funny This Rabbit

Gordon is disappointed.

Funny Wife Away

That’s the way to do it.

Funny If They Tell You Ice

But enjoy their food!

Funny If Mom Doesnt Cook

Mom, I’m starving.

Funny Cooking Complain

Did you?

Funny Wifi Dog Cook


Funny Summon Demon

When you try to cook but summon a demon…

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Funny Noodle Break


Funny No Idea


Funny This Is Fine

This is absolutely fine.

Funny Pot Pan Broken

Oh a double shot.

Funny Pizza Fail

An explosion of pizza.

Funny Mug Cake

Let me guess, you tried to make a mug cake?

Funny How I Feel

Flames…so..many flames.

Funny For

Well, that’s going to be terrible to clean.

Funny Everybody Cookie

Like ash.

Funny Dont Cook Drunk

It’s a piece of something..

Funny Cooking Wrong

Three levels of oops.

Funny Cooked Chopping Board

Well, it’s done now.

Funny Benihana

With a side of food poisoning.

Funny Accidentally Lava


Funy Fire Kitchen

One dish is fine though!

Funny Bae Cant Cook

Aw, beautiful.

Funny Cooked Turkey Dish

Something is wrong.

Funny Cooking Fish

Slice it up.

Funny Cooking Spaghetti


Funny Everytime I Try

A fire.

Funny Frozen Pizza

Getting in touch with my Italian roots.

Funny Great At Cooking

So good.

Funny Making Water


Funny Melted Nuggets 1

Nuggets astound.

Funny No Idea


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