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Over 60 Hilarious Yo Mama Jokes to Help You Take Out Frustration on Your Friends

Yo mama jokes are rude, cheeky but ohh so funny. I have nothing against yo mama. I’m sure she’s an upstanding citizen and she spoils you as only a mother can. But when it comes to blowing off some steam the size of a volcano, there’s nothing like yo mama… (low blow I know)… I meant to say “yo mama jokes”. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Harmless bantering between friends for some reason always ends up insulting each other’s mothers. And so to help you load up on your yo mama ammunition, check out this huge collection below that’s fit for, well you know…. yo mama. LOL!

Yo Mama Jokes  Buffet

Better order al la carte if you want some food!

Yo Mama Jokes  X

Malcolm X marks the spot.

Yo Mama Jokes  Ironing

At least she does the ironing!

Yo Mama Jokes  Big Bang Theory

Is that why the universe expansion is accelerating? It’s a good theory!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Both Sides

That’s gotta take some talent too!

Yo Mama Jokes  Time Zone

Still doesn’t stop her from being late!

Yo Mama Jokes  Panorama Mode

I’m sure that’s what Apple had in mind when they programmed that mode.

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Yo Mama Jokes  Boomerang

Not sure how she’s gonna make it to Australia though!

Yo Mama Jokes  Equator

Maybe she should move to the equator.

Yo Mama Jokes  Lip Stick

Would that be like lipstick on a pig?

Yo Mama Jokes  Bungee Jumping

She probably damaged it when she walked to the middle.

Yo Mama Jokes  Window Blinds

Don’t have to buy window blinds then!

Yo Mama Jokes  Star Wars

For the star wars fans amongst us!

Yo Mama Jokes  Year Book

That’s some impressive print job!

Yo Mama Jokes  Surprise

Surprise party!

Yo Mama Jokes  Movie Theaters

Better not put moves on your boyfriend!

Yo Mama Jokes  Roaming Charge

That’s gotta get expensive.

Yo Mama Jokes  Water Bed

Let’s just hope she leaves us all some fish to eat.

Yo Mama Jokes  Grand Canyon

Guess she was at least trying to get fit.

Yo Mama Jokes  Maxi Pad

Not sure if it’s absorbent enough though!

Yo Mama Jokes  Sumo Wrestling

Ok she wins.

Yo Mama Jokes  Tsunami

Better warn tokyo.

Yo Momma Jokes  Alien Invasion

They might need a bigger UFO.

Yo Momma Jokes  Good Side

If she has a good side that is…

Yo Momma Jokes  Pi

Mmmmmm pi…

Yo Momma Jokes  Black Holes

Stephen Hawking would have loved her.

Yo Momma Jokes  Dracula

Shoulda stuck to animals!

Yo Momma Jokes  Dry Feet

She’ll need to shower in the tub I guess.

Yo Momma Jokes  Kfc

Cos she lives for those 3 letters.

Yo Momma Jokes  Harry Potter

And one for Harry Potter fans!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Jogging

I guess she’s making herself useful.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Bears

They’re smarter than the average bear!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Explorers

Back to the good old colonial days.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Family Tree

Nope, she fell out.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Dry Cleaners

She’ll have to try the car wash maybe?

Yo Mamma Jokes  Measurements

Time to get measured up!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Elevator

But how did she go up? I doubt it was the stairs.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Credit Card

Beware of identity theft.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Halloween Costume

That’s a great DIY Halloween costume I never thought of.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Lunch

Well at least she got an A!

Yo Mamma Jokes  One Person At A Time

That’s a well designed scale.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Conclusions

That’s probably good for her personality… not good for her person.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Fat Chance

It was fat chance she’s going to heaven anyway.

Yo Mamma Jokes  Christmas Photo

Bet she was wearing an ugly christmas sweater too!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Whales

I know whales sing, but “we are family”?

Yo Mamma Jokes  Grounded

A groundswell of sympathy!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Every Day Low Prices

Everyday low prices!

Yo Mamma Jokes  Dora The Explorer

Eat your heart out Dora… before yo mama does!

Yo Momma Jokes  Internet

Better watch out for her web!

Yo Momma Jokes  Ipad

That’s why the iPad came after the iPhone.

Yo Momma Jokes  Kfc Bucket

Just keeping KFC honest!

Yo Momma Jokes  Wii Fit

She tried… I guess.

Yo Momma Jokes  Anorexic

Definitely a first for vets!

Yo Momma Jokes  Twinkie!

What’s better than meals on wheels? Twinkie on wheels!

Yo Momma Jokes  Bingewatching

Well she cured my bingewatching!

Yo Momma Jokes  Taxi

Better stick with Uber.

Yo Momma Jokes  She'S A Believer

She’s a believer!

Yo Momma Jokes  Out Of Gas

Good thing she’s got a lot of gas!

Yo Momma Jokes  Rainbows

Giving the leprechauns a run for their gold!

Yo Momma Jokes  Satellite Pictures

Thanks NASA!

Yo Momma Jokes  Wheelies

She’s a cool mama!

Yo Momma Jokes  Oil

Exxon Valdez!

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