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Ugly Christmas Sweaters that are UGLY

It’s that time of year again. The holiday period is upon us. The days are shorter, the air is getting cooler, and you can’t walk past a store without seeing a few lights or Christmas trees. You just can’t help but get into the holiday spirit and start shopping for presents. Not sure what to buy? Well Ugly Christas Sweaters might be your answer.

Do you ever have these difficult relatives (cough in-laws) who don’t appreciate anything you ever give them… no matter how hard you try to think of something? You have to dig up those receipts and return those presents after christmas every single year… WHAT A DRAG!

Well why not make the best of a bad situation this year. If you’re gonna have to return the presents anyway, why not get them UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS? Yes you got that right! People actually make this stuff.

As a bonus, you can get a great photo with a priceless expression on their faces as they tear open the wrapping in anticipation of what they’re getting from you!

Ugly Package Christmas Sweater

Perfect sweater for that rather conservative Aunt that everyone knows is not the perfect little angel behind closed doors. Let’s get awkward!!!

Ugly Unicorn Sweater

Can you imagine that “GREAT AUNT” of yours opening her wrapped present to discover this hideously gaudy unicorn sweater? Capture her facial expression as she pretends to like it before she asks you for the receipt!

Santa Pooping Down the Chimney Sweater

Perfect present for that religious family member I think… The look of horror will have him or her saying a few prayers just for setting eyes on this monstrosity! Don’t forget your camera! Sit back and be entertained!

Ugly Barechested Christmas Sweater

What better way to get “INTO” the holiday spirit than to wear those holiday decorations on your body? Carry that dad bod with pride and share the holiday joy!

Ugly Mike Tyson Christmas Sweater

Know any Tyson fans out there? Well how about a personal greeting from Tyson himself. Complete with his own special way of greeting you for the holidays! Just remember to be inclusive and not make fun of anyone with disabilities…

Ugly Ho Christmas Sweater

Know anyone that’s a …. fan of math? Just sayin’…. hey it’s mathematically correct. Totally innocent and perfect for math geeks. I promise!

Idle Hands Christmas Sweater

Utterly inappropriate sweater in the #MeToo era. I’m utterly disgusted that they made this sweater…

Hos in Different Area Codes Sweater

Know anyone in your family that’s a Cassanova? Well why beat around the bush? Call it like it is and give them the gift that has their name on it!

I Touch My Elf Christmas Sweater

I’m sure we all have that creepy uncle who loves to indulge maybe a little too much in online entertainment. Well this is the year that you can air out that closet!

Santa Relieved Ugly Christmas Sweater

Traveling 24 hours straight around the world has gotta take a toll on Santa’s bladder. If you were wondering how he can hold it for that long… well wonder no more! This picture paints a thousand words and gives a clear explanation to those suspicious yellow patches of snow beside the house on Christmas Morning.

Grab yours today, and happy holidays! Don’t forget to check out our amazon storefront for more selections!



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