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7 Best Cloud Bread Recipes That Are Delicious and Easy

Two-ingredient dough, move over, there’s a new bread hack: cloud bread. Appearing all over TikTok, cloud bread recipes mostly entail eggs, cream cheese (or cottage cheese), and cream of tartar. It’s keto-friendly, low carb, and actually tasty. It features a taste like a sourdough and when made correctly, is nice and fluffy. It’s actually surprisingly easy to make, and so there’s been an explosion of different cloud bread recipes, with varying flavors and textures to cater to all tastes online. We decided to do a roundup of our favorite and recommended cloud bread recipes from a variety of websites.

Cloud Bread Recipe From A Spicy Perspective

Image: a spicy perspective

The Best Cloud Bread Recipe at A Spicy Perspective

A Spicy Perspective has a great cloud bread recipe that features a bit of seasoning. Like she says, when the cloud bread has seasonings or sugar, it tastes more like dessert. It’s the perfect cloud bread for when you need a little bit of something sweet! 

Cloud Bread Pizza

Image from the little pine

Cloud Bread Pizza Recipe from The Little Pine

Love pizza? Make pizza lighter and healthier with this recipe from The Little Pine. Low carb pizza? My dreams have come true. Following her cloud bread recipe and making it into a pizza will yield just 1 carb per pizza!

Cloud Food By Mars

Image from food by mars

Lactose-Free Cloud Bread Recipe from Food By Mars

So what if you’re lactose intolerant, or don’t want to use cream cheese? Food by Mars has you covered. Her cloud bread recipe incorporates coconut cream in place of the cream cheese. Add a few seasonings, and you can customize the bread how you choose.

Sweet Cinnamon Cloud Bread Recipe by Creative Green Living

Cloud bread can even be a sweet treat, especially with a bit of cinnamon. Following Creative Green Living’s recipe for Sweet Cinnamon Cloud Bread will let you make a decadent sweet yet guilt-free snack or dessert.

Weight Watchers Cloud Bread

Image from weight watchers

Almond-Scented Cloud Bread Recipe by Weight Watchers

Love the flavor and scents of almond? Weight Watchers has a sweet cloud bread recipe for you. When finished, it has the texture of an angel food cake, and a bit of an “eggy flavor.” This recipe for cloud bread incorporates less sugar than other versions.

Keto Blt

Image from my healthy dish

Keto BLT Cloud Bread Recipe by My Healthy Dish

Cloud bread is already great for Keto, but if you’re a fan of BLTs, try this recipe from My Healthy Dish. She gives a great recipe for cloud bread and then adds the touches to make a delicious BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) sandwich. 

Whole Lotta Yum Cloud Bread

Image from whole lotta yum

TikTok Cloud Bread Recipe with Chocolate Chips by Whole Lotta Yum

Now on to one of my favorite recipes, the one that is an instant bookmark. Whole Lotta Yum has a chocolate chip cloud bread recipe that feels sinful and unhealthy, but is better than most sweets nutrition-wise! Put as many or as few chocolate chips as you want on it.

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Low Carb Yum Cheese Danish Cloud Bread

Image from low carb yum

Cloud Bread Cheese Danish Recipe by Low Carb Yum

Cloud bread is versatile and lets you use in a variety of desserts, such as a cheese danish. Low Carb Yum created an amazing cloud bread recipe for just that. Even though who are on a strict keto diet can enjoy it, and it’s definitely a great pick for a decadent weekend breakfast



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