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Active Shooter At Walmart In Amarillo, Texas

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Fox – DEVELOPING: Police rushed to a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas Tuesday on reports that shots were fired and a gunman may have taken at least one hostage.

Nearly an hour after city officials reported an “active shooter incident,” police said they had entered the Walmart and there was no “ongoing” shooting.

They also said there were no confirmed gunshot victims, and described the incident to local media as “workplace violence.” Witnesses told KVII an employee took another employee hostage.

Police were looking for a Somali man wearing khaki pants, KFDA added. Officers reportedly were evacuating shoppers from the west side of the store.


Jeff Nunn, the president of a nearby bank, told the Amarillo Globe-News that helicopters and roughly 20 police and emergency vehicles rushed to the store. His bank and a day care center reportedly went on lockdown.

Police closed off at least one nearby road off I-27. “Please avoid the area so that officers can focus on the scene and not traffic,” the Amarillo Police Dept. said in a statement.”


“AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – The Amarillo Police Department is reporting an active situation at the Amarillo Walmart at 4215 Canyon Drive. Early reports indicate an armed man is inside the store. Police report NO confirmed gunshot victims at the Walmart, APD are inside with NO shooting ongoing at this moment.

Police have yet to confirm any gunshot victims at the location. Multiple agencies are currently inside the building.

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office says it is considering the incident as a workplace dispute. Other agencies on scene include the Department of Public Safety, and Amarillo Emergency Management.

Police are searching for a Somalian man wearing Kakhi pants. 

Police are shutting down I-27 & Georgia north-and-south-bound exits. Police are asking motorists to please avoid the area so that officers can focus on the scene and not traffic.



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