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Alternative Corona TV Shows in a Coronavirus World

It certainly feels like we’re living in a parallel universe at the moment. Our freedom has been severely limited, economic activity has come to a standstill. And toilet paper is nowhere to be found. In the spirit of being in this alternate reality, designer Jure Tovrljan who has been busy conjuring up alternative corporate logos has also re-imagined our favorite TV shows in our current parallel existence. Take a moment and enjoy these Post Corona TV masterpieces while you’re stuck at home.

Post Corona Tv Shows  Game Of Thrones  Velvet Throne

Yep. Just sitting at home.

Post Corona Tv Shows  Baking Bread  Putting Chemistry To Another Use

It’s all in the chemistry.

Post Corona Tv Shows  Walking Deaf

Get that mask on!

Post Corona Tv Shows  Breaking Out Of House Arrest

Plotting on busting outta my house!

Post Corona Tv Shows  Friends  On Skype

Skype conference call!

Post Corona Tv Shows  The Symptoms  Of The Simsoms

Springfield’s favorite family of viruses.





Post Corona Tv Shows  How I Met Your Mother On Tinder

How everyone meets these days.

The SAFE way to meet that someone special these days.

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Post Corona Tv Shows  The Home Office Is Where It'S At!

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