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32 Memes about Anxiety Because That’s the State We Live In
memes about anxiety - something bad

Wait and see!

I’m yes okay no.


There’s a difference.

Add “going outside”

Just like mashing keys in a row.


Well, now I do.


Riding with anxiety

How dare I.

Let’s analyze it again and again.

Seems so off.


This is all of us.

It’s a party 24/7.

This is for everyone’s good.

Thanks, cured!


Gotta figure it out.

Gee, thanks.


They scream at each other.

Wow, it needs work!

Heeeeere’s anxiety!

Can we?


It just lurks.

The state we live in.

I did it but it wasn’t enough!

It’s coming..

Try it today!

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