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Originally posted on August 11, 2015 @ 12:01 pm

Meet The BattlBox – Monthly Survival, Tactical, And EDC Gear Subscription Box

The BattlBox is VERY new. And Very badass. This is a little setup where you subscribe to these guys and get all sorts of cool sh*t sent to you every month. I am signing up as well. The BattlBox has four different plans. Just pick one to fit your needs, subscribe, then wait by the mailbox. Too Easy. The plans are outlined below.(no it doesn’t come with guns…)

 Use Coupon Code   THEFUNNYBEAVER   For 5% Off Your First Order

Get Yours HERE

 Use Coupon Code   THEFUNNYBEAVER   For 5% Off Your First Order

Battlbox Review Mission 2 April 2015

BattlBox Mission 1 March 2015

Get Yours HERE

 Use Coupon Code   THEFUNNYBEAVER   For 5% Off Your First Order




At this level, you will receive 4-7 hand selected items each month, ranging from survival tools and manuals, to emergency supplies and edc gear. Part of the surprise is you never know what you will get! It’s like Christmas once a month, so be on the lookout for your Battlbox in the mail. Each box contains a card describing the items you have received and their retail price.


Expect to receive the same 4-7 products that come in the Basic package, plus 2-3 more (approx. 6-10 total), usually higher priced items. Examples include: tactical pens, tourniquets, camp stoves, fire pistons, and edc gear from some of the coolest companies.


This box is for the serious professional. Not only will you get the products included in each monthly BASIC and ADVANCED package, but you will receive an additional 1-2 additional kickass products (7-11 total). Examples include: concealed carry holsters, watches, hammocks, tactical belts, etc….once again, you’ll never know, and that’s part of the fun! Go ahead and try it, we know you’ll like our staff picks. FREE SHIPPING


Includes KNIFE OF THE MONTH: This box is for the elite. The collector. The big spender. The ones that truly appreciate the beauty of a sharp edge. The guy who has everything….EXCEPT a kickass monthly knife subscription! We will hand select one knife to be featured every month and include it in your monthly Battlbox. So you get everything you would expect to see in the Battlbox Pro box, AND a sweet blade to rip open next month’s Battlbox arrival with. We already have brands such as Kershaw, Spyderco, Mantis, Perkin, Columbia River Knife, 5.11, Gerber, Leatherman, Schrade, SOG…the list goes on! Go ahead. We dare you. FREE SHIPPING

Get Yours HERE

 Use Coupon Code   THEFUNNYBEAVER   For 5% Off Your First Order

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