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Chumlee From Pawn Stars Was Arrested Today – For Meth And Guns

Not going to lie, I kinda like the show Pawn Stars. But any ways, police were searching Chumlee’s house while investigating an alleged sexual assault when they found marijuana, meth and apparently guns he wasn’t supposed to have. 19 Counts of drug possession. After this check out Tennessee’s new official state rifle. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+.

So Chumlee From Pawn Stars Was Arrested Today  For Meth And Guns Featured

“Chumlee from “Pawn Stars” has been arrested for guns and drugs after police raided his home while investigating an alleged sexual assault … TMZ has learned. Las Vegas Metro PD says officers showed up at his home Wednesday afternoon with a search warrant in connection with a sexual assault case. We’re told Chumlee is the suspect in that case. Our law enforcement sources tell us cops found marijuana, meth and at least one weapon during the search. Chumlee was taken into custody and booked for drug and weapon possession. We’re told the sexual assault is still under investigation.” Via – TMZ

So Chumlee From Pawn Stars Was Arrested Today – For Meth And Guns


“Chumlee is one of the top appraisers at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Rick Harrison, “Old Man” Richard Harrison, and Corey Harrison are all a part of The History Channel show, which has been on for 12 seasons. It is unclear if The History Channel will be taking any action as far as kicking Chumlee off the show. It will likely all depend on how these charges shake out. If there are sexual assault charges added to the mix, that could pretty much end Chumlee’s run on the show. Not to mention that he could be fired from the shop altogether. So far, no statement has been released by The History Channel.” Via – Inquisitr

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