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Design Toscano Life-Size Bigfoot Statue


I think we’ve always needed a Bigfoot statue in our lives at some point. It’s just so damn cool.

It’s time to start another decade of Bigfoot sighting rumors in your neighborhood. Go get the Design Toscano Bigfoot statue and scare the crap out of your friends, neighbors and unwanted trespassers. I can guarantee that they’ll stare at the hulking 6 foot statue, standing in all its might and glory at the corner of your garden or wherever you plan to keep it.

Lifesize Bigfoot Statue For Decoration

The sheer sense of humor lies in the Big Fella’s facial expressions. He looks just as much surprised to be there as anyone else. This sasquatch statue will stand wherever your little heart desires, and that too without any chances of inflicting life threatening hazards unto innocent bystanders. The artwork is amazing; Design Toscano hired a dedicated team of artists to use real crushed stone, bonded with resin and hand crafted goodness.

The statue is a bit wobbly, so you might want to keep it out of the way of pesky kids, toddlers and pets. A corner of the room, or one side of the garden will be more than enough for the life sized companion to mull over his adventures from all over the world.

Bigfoot In Front Of The White House

Rumor has it that the same statue’s been sighted in Himalayas, Africa and America. Speaking of the latter, it was last seen in front of the White House; talk about giving a whole new meaning to patriotism right there. Anyhow, as long as you have this monument of marvelous artistry placed within the confines of you household, people will always come up to you to share their appreciation.

Design Toscano team knows what they are doing. Their life sized statues may come off as a little expensive and far too intimidating, but that’s the good part. You gotta’ pay upfront for finer things in life, that’s how things roll. 90% of the company’s products are exclusive; that means you will not be able to find a replica anywhere else in the market. If you do find a sloppy second grade copy of the statue, it will not have the same quality and level of details.

Bigfoot Statue Dressed Up As A Hula Girl

The official Design Toscano team also excels in offering home and garden décor services. If you are in a mood for bit of manscaping, you should know that these guys have an excellent customer service and satisfaction rate. They have also helped curators with custom orders; I remember the last time Design Toscano created a 9 Foot Garden Gnome statue, it was the talk of the entire town for several months onward.

By the way, as far as Bigfoot statue rumors go, you should see what the internet is brimming with. Some say that this statue was spotted at local airports with bright colored luggage. Others believe that they saw the giant hairy dude dressed up in traditional Hawaiian dress, dancing to the tunes of old Hawaiian music etc.

Bigfoot Statue Holding A Fishing Kit

All in all, Design Toscano’s Life-size Bigfoot statue is a fun thing to have. At $500, it is definitely cheap because other statues from the same company have a base price of $2,000 plus. With the availability of online reseller platforms, you can always trade in your prized companion for some extra cash – i.e. should you ever choose to part ways with it.

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