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The Fishing Wasted Championship – Yes This Is A Real Thing

Now I’m not sure when and where the fishing wasted championship normally takes place, and I’m not going to research it too much because it’s obviously not in America, so I won’t be able to go anyways. But with that being said, the fishing wasted championship is a real fishing tournament that takes place somewhere in Europe and even if a participant doesn’t catch any fish he/she can still win the “BOOZ” trophy. I want to know, right now, why we are not funding these and having them here in America. Someone make this happen please. I’d sure like to give this tournament a go with some whiskey.

Fishing Wasted Championship Gif

Andy T. aka ‘the black’ is currently an internet hit. The video shows him during the fishing contest last Saturday. For the first time in the history, there was also a “booze cup” to win. That was at the request of the fishermen. In the video you can see how Andy tumbles in the pond after drinking to much. ANDY : I normally never drink alcohol, I am a casual drinker. I only drink in company but not weekly. Today I drank 25 beers, a few to much…



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