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YouTuber JoergeSprave shows you his homemade full auto scalpel Nerf gun.

What happens when you take a bunch of scalpel blades and attach them to Nerf darts? You get a crazy full auto scalpel Nerf gun.. This guy, JoergSprave is pretty well known around the internet and builds all of his crazy builds in northern Bavaria. After this check out where you can get a 1/4 mile potato gun. Oh and BTW, don’t try this at home.

Full Auto Scalpel Blade Nerf Gun

Many people liked our nerf gun scalpel blade modding, so we decided to try it with a full auto weapon. The concept required some changes, as the full auto launcher we bought would not grab the shortened darts we made for the Strongarm. But the problem was easily solved, simply by inserting the blades deeper into the dart – there is still enough of the scalpel poking out to make it really, really dangerous. It turned out the launcher wasn’t really powerful enough to do damage, so we souped it up with a new set of batteries (“Voltage mod”). Now it really, really works! Full auto is always so much fun.

How JoergSprave made His Scalpel Nerf Darts

Nerf guns are fun little toys – but of course they are entirely harmless. In the long established tradition of this channel, we set out to change that! After exchanging the spring against a stronger one, we felt we maxed out the power of the plastic weapon. The only way forwards was to make the world’s deadliest ammo for it! We found an easy way to attach No. 25 scalpel blades to the foam darts. Of course we had to shorten the shafts a bit so the darts still fit in the drum, plus we had to remove the guiding pins from the barrel in order to accommodate the new ammo. The result is pretty scary… the scalpels fly out with very significant speed, and they cut through tissue like a hot knife through butter. Don’t try this at home! Such darts can be lethal.


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