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Sleep Better

A good’s night sleep sometimes seems like an impossible dream, doesn’t it? I know I can sometimes go to sleep and know that I slept, but still wake up feeling exhausted. Why? What kept me up — it’s hard to tell. The sleep trackers built in on our phones are decent, but they can also miss plenty of information too. The Circadia Sleep System aims to change that as the world’s first contactless sleep system with a sleep tracker, therapy lamp and app.

The goal of the Circadia Sleep System is to help users fall asleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to begin the day. The system tracks your sleep from up to 8 feet away with 98% lab accuracy then uses the data to create a personalized sleep program for you. You’re able to train your body with this information and reset your body’s sleep clock.

Circadia Sleep SystemHow Circadia Works

Sleep performance is based on a number of elements, including room temperature, sleep and environment. When you’re asleep, Circadia analyzes how your sleep and where you slept, so you can make adjustments as necessary. When it’s time to wake up, the light simulates dawn and triggers 15 to 30 minutes before your ideal wake up time, then your customizable alarm tone sounds — you can choose to wake up to music, soothing nature sounds, the radio or a buzzer. The Ciracadia Sleep Tracker can be used on its own, and will retail for $169.

Circadia Lamp

Speaking of light, that element plays a major part in your sleep patterns. The Circadia Smart Lamp takes the data from your sleep cycle and uses it re-sync the body’s clock. For instance, in the morning, you can use the blue light technology for beating a case of the groggy. Later in the afternoon, you can recharge after lunch with a 20 minute exposure to reduce melatonin, then finally, 30 minutes before bedtime, you can wind down with the light.

There’s alertness and insomnia modes to keep your productivity high throughout the day, and there’s even a jet-lag mode. Nothing’s worse than having to adjust your body clock after traveling to a new time zone, epsecially if you’re going on an international trip, and the Circadia Smart Lamp fits right into your bag for easy-on-the-go toting; the device will be retailing $129.

Circadia Lamp System Settings

Both products combine to make a powerful system for harnessing the best sleep for improved health and productivity throughout the day, and will ship on April 2018.



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