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Tabletop Fireplace So You Can Get Warm and Be Cool

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a fireplace built into our home or apartment, sadly. There’s something atmospheric and soothing about the crackling fire, and the feel of the warmth, but now Sharper Image has the solution to us without fireplaces. The Sharper Image Tabletop Fireplace lets you place a fireplace anywhere you want for flames and warmth.

Tabletop Fireplace

The portable fireplace features a sleek design with glass screens and real flames. Unlike other fireplaces, this one runs on the clean-burning ethanol as its fuel so you don’t have wax, smoke or any other debris associated with traditional fireplaces. Honestly, I thought this was a dumb idea, and instantly thought of all of the ways it could be tampered with: kids, cats.

Now I kind of came around to the idea that it would be great for ambiance or as a statement piece. I mean, how many people do you know that have a tabletop fireplace? Sharper Image has been making products like this for years, though. Like that fancy knife set or a massage chair, things we didn’t know we needed until we got them.

Tabletop Fireplace Smokeless

Of course the Tabletop Fireplace isn’t a big warmth provider, so you shouldn’t rely on it to be your primary source of heat. It’s more suited as a decorative element in your home, but it’s pretty to look at. And if you’re reading or doing something else quiet, what better way to enjoy the evening than a fireplace? As you can see, the Tabletop Fireplace is pictured in Stainless, but it’s also available in black.

The reservoir has a capacity of 2-3 hours worth of fuel (0.5 liters), and doesn’t require a chimney or vent. Sharper Image does note that you must use fire marked “liquid bio-ethanol fuel for ventless fireplaces” to ensure proper use of the fireplace; this fuel is, of course, sold at

Designer Tabletop Fireplace

So if you want to feel like a villain in a superhero movie (because you know they’d have a tabletop fireplace somewhere in their lair), or just have a piece of cool decor that adds a bit of warmth to a room, you probably need a tabletop fireplace. That is if you’re lucky enough to have kids or animal who won’t disturb it. It’s certainly a lot cleaner with easier maintenance than a traditional fireplace. Get yours now on


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