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Dogs are certainly capable of doing amazing things. They are highly observant animals who are not afraid to alert humans when something is amiss. Thankfully for a trapped hedgehog, Rosie the dog lived up to the standard set by Lassie and ran to get help.

13. Lassie!


Image: waverly telegraph

Whenever a dog seems to be communicating with someone, it’s become a joke to reference Lassie, the TV dog who was always running to get help for some poor soul who found themselves stranded on a mountain, or stuck in a hole. But Rosie turned out to be the real-life Lassie, ready to help any critter in need – whether human or hedgehog.

12. Rosie!


Image: waverly telegraph

Lorna Black was spending a nice day at home while her dog Rosie was enjoying some playtime in the backyard. When Rosei ran inside wagging her tail with excitement, Lorna initially didn’t think much of it. Rosie was frequently amped up and was probably looking for someone to play with. However, there was more to the story.

11. Something Was Wrong


Image: notesfromadogwalker

The dog would not give up trying to get Lorna’s attention. She kept running back and forth between the yard and the room, looking at her mom pointedly. Finally, Lorna realized that Rosie was trying to tell her something. So she got up and followed the dog to the backyard. There she made a shocking discovery.

10. Drainpipe Drama


Image: waverly telegraph

As directed by Rosie, Lorna peered into a drainpipe in the family’s yard. That’s when she realized what Rosie had been begging her to see: there was a hedgehog who needed a rescue. It was inside the drain and could not climb back out by himself. Lorna knew that she needed expert help, so she called the RSPCA for assistance.

9. Well and Truly


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An inspector with the RSPCA issued a press release after the rescue. “The hedgehog, which we have now named Spike, was well and truly stuck,” it said.  The RSPCA prepared to rescue the cute hedgehog.

8. Assessment: Stressed Out


Image: waverly telegraph

Henchy Boal, inspector, arrived to assess the situation. She tried to just reach into the drainpipe and get him out, but that didn’t happen at first. Spike was pretty stressed out and was very frightened to see a person reaching down wearing gloves.

7. Avoiding the Water


“The hole was very small so I managed to get my hand down, but every time I did, Spike naturally curled into a ball to protect himself,” Boal said. “I then couldn’t free him as he became too large to fit through the hole. I was worried because I knew there was water down the drain and could hear him gurgling. I didn’t want him to drown so I was trying to keep his face away from the water.”

6. Forty-Five Minutes Later

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Image: waverly telegraph

Boal tried many other tactics to get Spike out. At one point she even used a jump rope to lift him up so that he would be easy to grab. It took another 45 minutes before Boal was able to get him out of the hole. By then Spike was tired and he started to relax. Once he was uncurled, Boal could safely lift him out.

5. Safety


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“It was a relief and it was all thanks to Rosie that he was found in the first place,” Boal said. She took Spike to the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Hospital. There a vet looked him over to make sure he wasn’t sick or injured. Lucky for Spike, he got a clean bill of health.

4. Freedom!


Image: scottish spca”

A few days later, Spike was released back into the wild. Without Rosie’s help, the hedgehog might have drowned. The little dog saved a life, and was rewarded with lots of love and extra treats. Lorna is proud of her dog’s ability to think quickly and respond without delay.

3. A Good Dog

Black Lab Greyhound

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“When the hedgehog was out, Rosie ran round the garden like a puppy. She seemed very pleased with herself,” Lorna in a press release. “We made sure she got a big fuss and some doggy treats for her efforts.”

2. Dogs and Hedgehogs

Screen Shot 2018 09 13 At 11.40.31 Am

Image: youtube

Believe it or not, dogs and hedgehogs have a history of becoming best buds. Video of a dachshunds Maya and Peanut and Minnie the hedgehog went viral  and the trio has been delighting social media since 2015. The threesome love posing for pictures together, proving that nearly any species can wind up being best of friends.

1. Hamming It Up

Screen Shot 2018 09 13 At 11.40.57 Am

Image: youtube

Maya and Peanut are true hams. They are energetic and full of mischief. According to their owner, they delight in stealing Minnie’s food, but the small hedgehog takes it in stride. She enjoy spending time with her two dogs and considers herself the boss.

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