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How To Build A Machete With No Power Tools

This is a great instructional video for any knife makers or survivalists that might be interested in doing something old school- the harder way. Walter is going to show you how to build a machete with no power tools.┬áNow granted this might not be the ultra super high qualityIr?Source=Bk&Amp;T=Funnybeaver 20&Amp;Bm Id=Default&Amp;L=Ktl&Amp;Linkid=C998F28Cf349A7Ded61Ee535D8Ac53B2&Amp; Cb=1452026521284 store bought machete but it will be something you built, on your own, with no power tools – and to a lot of people, that’s the important part. After this check out this great old school video of a guy turning a wrench into a pretty sweet knife.

How To Build A Machete With No Power Tools

“This video shows the making of a small machete using nothing but hand tools. The video will appeal to both beginning knife makers who don’t have large, highly equipped shops as well as to survival/prepper folks who want to be able to make high quality cutting tools under challenging, rustic circumstances.”

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