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How To Do A European Skull Mount

This video is going to show you How To Do A European Skull Mount painlessly and correctly. Why go spend tons of money at the taxidermist when you can just do your own European Skull Mount in your back yard in less than 24 hours…. This is a great project for all of you deer hunters to try out this winter.

How To Do A European Skull Mount – Video

Via – razorflame7

“In this video I demonstrate how to do a european skull mount on a whitetail deer skull. Some of the tools that you will want to have handy are:

-Small Picks (like dental picks)
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Small Wire Brush
-Wire Coat Hanger
-Sharp Pointed Knife
-Rubber Gloves
-40% Hydrogen Peroxide Liquid and/or Cream for whitening

Please note that I have also used regular 3% topical hydrogen peroxide which is available at Wal-mart or your local grocery store’s pharmacy. You well get more of a “natural” finish with this type of peroxide.

Some important tips to note are:

-DO NOT boil the skull, but simmer it gently. Simmering is less sever on the fragile bones of the skull. You won’t get as much spreading of the nasal bones, and the nose bones on the end of the skull will be less likely to fall of (which would require gluing if they did).

-I like to simmer my skulls with plain water. You can use other chemicals or detergents while simmering, but I feel that it is safer for the color of the antler bases to use plain water.

-This is a process of slowly “cooking” the flesh off of the skull and gently scraping and pulling the bits and pieces of flesh from the skull. In this video, the cleaning process took me about 7 hours. Whitening was done over night.”


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