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Just Dropping Stuff Into An Upside Down Lawnmower – In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel tesla500 wanted to see what would happen when you drop random objects into the spinning blades of an upside-down lawnmower, so they set up some slow motion cameras to find out. Then they set the video to some classical music, to set the mood. For some reason I find this video oddly satisfying. After this check out this video of shooting the double barreled 1911s in slow motion.

Just Dropping Stuff Into An Upside Down Lawnmower – In Slow Motion

“Dropping keyboards, mice and other random stuff onto an upside down lawnmower. Cameras used: -Phantom V4.1 (512×512 @ 1071fps, 512×256 @ 2127fps, 100us shutter) -Unnamed home built camera, 408×254 @ 5000fps, 100us shutter -TM700 (regular camera)”


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