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Chances are you’ve never seen the Log Liquor Dispenser before, well get ready…..

The Log Liquor Dispenser are the brainchild of an inseparable father and son duo from Ohio. These days, their Woodworking shop is known for high profile genuine wood wine and whiskey dispensers, the likes of which rest of the States haven’t even seen yet. Luckily, I stumbled over their complete inventory at a handful of online retailer websites. Let me say, these marvelous man made creations are the manliest way to house your hooch.

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  • Thou Shall Pour What Comes from Nature through Nature Only: Alcohol is one of the few remnants of nature’s finest offerings. It is only natural that you use a set of log wood dispensers to match the overall sensation of something sprouting from within a pure alcohol reserve.
  • Every Log Liquor Dispenser is 100% unique because of wood carvings and exterior bark patterns. It is the imperfections, cracks and growing lines with the passage of time that make these logs worth buying.
  • Food and Beverage safety standard internal brass and nozzle PVC piping.
  • Customized orders include handcrafted wooden handles, and nozzles.
  • Lightweight profile – An average log dispenser weighs in around 6 – 7 Lbs. when empty. Depending on the liquor quantity, the dispenser is still capable of careful mobility around the house or wherever you plan to keep it.

The Log Liquor Dispenser Featured Review And Prices Where To Get

This is the kind of dispenser that Ron Swanson would have died for. However, if it were up to me, I’d recommend using Battle Rattle wine and whiskey chillers. I couldn’t help but notice the father and son team using ice cubes and soapstone chillers in their log dispenser commercials. Ice is good, but it turns into water, and water dilutes the taste while also affecting the stomach.

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