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Every day one woman has a similar routine that she follows. She calls out into the woods and waits for a response. But who is she calling out to? You’ll be so surprised when you find out who’s been answering her call.

20. Daily Routine

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Psychology often tells us that setting a daily routine can help us be more productive each day. Well, it seems that it may be true after all and one woman has the perfect experience to back it up!

19. Every Morning

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Every morning one woman follows the same routine and it isn’t just breakfast and yoga. Each morning she walks out into the woods and calls out. So, why is she doing this?!

18. Calling Out

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Since her backyard is right next to the woods, the woman doesn’t have to travel far to call out. Who is she calling out to? Well, it happens to be a beautiful little deer!

17. Running Over

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As the woman begins to call out toward the woods, an adorable deer begins to run over to her. The woman greets the deer with a sweet hello and the deer nuzzles its head on her. Why do they do this?

16. Following Along

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In video footage that was taken of the interaction, you can clearly see the deer following the woman into the house. In the deer goes through the back door and straight into the kitchen!

15. In The Kitchen


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Each morning the woman prepares a bottle for him. The bottle is filled with some yummy goodness the deer greatly enjoys.


14. Constant Routine

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“This is what we do in the morning… sometimes at lunch… and dinner!” the woman explained. But how did this routine even start?

13. The Start

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

The start of this routine isn’t a very happy one. It seems that the little deer was left without a mother after some hunters had gotten to her. The deer was all alone with no one to care for it.

12. Discovery

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

The woman soon discovered the deer all alone with no one to care for it. She knew she couldn’t leave a baby deer to fend for itself, so that is when she started to feed the baby. It was the best thing she could do at the time.

11. Strong Bond

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

The woman and the deer soon formed an incredibly strong bond. It was a true Disney movie moment with the woman coming to the deer’s rescue. It’s almost too good to be true!

10. Suitable Environment

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Does the woman ever worry about the deer being in harm’s way? It seems this little deer is lucky enough to be in the woods behind the woman’s backyard as they are off limits to hunters.

9. Rehabilitation

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

The woods behind the woman’s house made for the perfect conditions for the sweet deer to live out its life in the outdoors. Amy Carrickhoff, the woman who takes care of the deer, is more than happy to have helped in the process.

8. Little Girl

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

Carrickhoff also has a sweet name for the deer, ‘Little Girl’. According to reports from Carrickhoff, Little Girl has managed to assimilate perfectly back into the wooded area behind her home.

7. YouTube

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

Since their connection is such an extraordinary one, footage of their interaction was recorded and put up on YouTube. The video, of course, instantly went viral. You won’t believe just how many people watched it.

6. Many Views

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

Once the video was uploaded onto YouTube, it received over 6 million views! People from all across the country and the world were in awe over the special relationship shared between these two.

5. Lovely Comments

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Many people even went out of their way to leave behind some lovely comments. They were so happy to see a woman going out of her way to help a helpless baby deer. “What a lovely lady, like one of those maidens from those fairy tale movies. God bless, you’re beautiful,” one user wrote.

4. Negative Backlash

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Still, not everyone’s comment was filled with positivity over the situation. Some people criticized the woman for getting involved in nature. They scolded her for making the deer dependent on her.

3. Not Pets

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“Non Domesticated animals are NOT PETS!!! This fawn is not going to learn how to live in the forest and instead will rely on a human to keep it fed,” one user wrote. Still, others came to the woman’s rescue to defend her position.

2. Defending

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“After reading some of the comments, I feel compelled to add my own. While it is true that her feeding this fawn will indeed make it somewhat dependent on her, the chance of that harming the deer would be slight,” one user wrote.

1. Great Woman

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Image: youtube/deermommy2

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is undeniable that what this woman did was amazing. When she saw a baby deer that was in need she didn’t hesitate to go out of her way to help. That, in itself, is amazing!


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