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A mountain lion is not an unexpected visitor that you would be thrilled to see. When one comedian was visiting a friend out in Colorado, he got the surprise of a lifetime. A mountain lion was right at their backyard door and it was trying to say ‘hi’ to the cat. You won’t believe how the cat reacted to this unusual situation!

25. A Strange Situation


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Comedian and prankster, Tom Mabe, is no stranger to odd situations. Anyone that follows him on his YouTube channel knows all about his crazy shenanigans. Well, this one might be the wildest one yet.

24. Visiting

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Image: colorado. Com

Mabe was with his wife and kids visiting some friends in Boulder, Colorado. The morning started off normal, until, an unexpected guest decided to show up. This is when things got crazy!

23. Backyard

Image: sfgate. Com

There, in their friend’s backyard, was a huge mountain lion who was just staring through the glass door! The animal wasn’t trying to get into the house and it didn’t even look like he was getting ready to attack. It was just standing there, waiting for something… You’ll be amazed to see what happened next!

22. What Was He Looking For?


Image: imgur. Com

After a few minutes, the wildcat started pawing at the sliding glass door. The man was terrified and amazed at the same time. But what did the animal want? Suddenly…

21. The Reason Why

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.12.19 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Suddenly things got even more interesting! Mabe couldn’t believe his eyes and quickly reached over for his camera to start filming the once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s great that he did it, otherwise no one would believe him!

20. The Cat


Image: youtube. Com

So what was it that caught the mountain lion’s attention? Well, it was none other than the house cat. While the mountain lion looked amused we can’t say the same for the cat. Her reaction is priceless! Read along to see why…

19. Predator Vs. Ball Of Fur

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.11.29 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

At one moment the mountain lion lifts its huge paw and makes the craziest sound! Everyone was in awe, Mabe couldn’t believe his eyes! Wondering how the cat reacted?

18. Go Away!

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Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

The tiny ball of fur proves once again that she’s the master of the house and does the most incredible thing, right when Mabe’s wife enters the room…

17. Disinterested

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.12.52 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Instead of running away in fear or seizing the mountain lion up, the cat showed general disinterest in the entire situation. In the video, you can hear the cat quietly meowing at the enormous mountain lion. But wait, there’s more!

16. Unusual Behavior

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.13.25 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Mountain lions are typically pretty shy animals and don’t usually head over to humans. However, this mountain lion seemed to have only spotted the cat and when he realized that his lunch was out of reach he let out an annoyed hiss that fogged up the glass windows. The cat once again reacts in the most adorable way, we’re in tears!

15. Unimpressed


Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Even though Mabe and his wife were pretty scared and worried, the tiny cat couldn’t care less! She even turns to the camera as if to make sure she impressed everyone with her courage. Curious to see what happens next?

14. Humans

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.14.02 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

However, once the mountain lion seemed to notice that there were humans inside of the house it quickly ran away. It seems that its shyness returned at that very moment and it made a real run for it! Mabe’s reaction is priceless and we can even hear him crack a joke!

13. Still Pranking

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.14.42 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Mabe, however, is a notorious prankster and even in this scary situation he couldn’t help but make a joke. When his wife asked him where the kids were when she spotted the mountain lion, Mabe had a terrific response!

12. The Kids

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.15.25 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

When Mabe alerted his wife to the presence of the mountain lion her immediate reaction was to find out where the kids were. In response, Mabe told her that the kids were out in the backyard. His wife immediately freaked out!

11. Just A Joke

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.16.01 Am

Image: youtube/mabeinamerica

Noticing that his wife was actually beginning to panic, Mabe let out a laugh and told her the truth. He told her that the kids were still upstairs sleeping and not in any real danger. Talk about a pretty wild prank.

Although it is pretty unusual for a mountain lion to get so close to humans it has happened before, as you’re about to find out…

10. Happened Before

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.17.25 Am

Image: the inquisitr

When Phil Hendras was visiting his parents in Florida he got the surprise of a lifetime when a panther showed up in their backyard.

9. Florida Trip

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.18.31 Am

Image: trip advisor

Phil Hendra brought him and his three sons over to Fort Myers, Florida, to visit his parents. It was a typical day at their home when one of the young boys by the name of Philip Jr. noticed something strange moving in the backyard.

8. Dogs Barking

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.21.01 Am

Image: wimp. Com

Philip Jr. assumed that what he saw was a strange dog, however, most of the dogs in the house wouldn’t stop barking at whatever it was. That was when the adults in the house decided to go out and check out the commotion.

7. No Dog

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.22.12 Am

Image: fox 13 news

When Phil walked over to the backyard he immediately saw a strange animal sitting on the porch, soaking up the sun. It was no dog at all. In fact, it was a Florida panther!

6. Not Scared

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.23.19 Am

Image: http://spacecoastdaily. Com/

We were not scared at all,” Phil told the NY Daily News. “The panther looked so calm and comfortable, we were too,” he continued. “It laid down like a regular house cat.”

5. Getting Comfortable

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.24.19 Am

Image: fox news 13

The panther hung out in the backyard for a while, while Phil started to take pictures of it. It stayed for another 20 minutes before it decided that it was time to leave. Phil was in shock.

4. Shocked

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.27.35 Am

Image: nbc2

We were shocked because it didn’t run away when it looked at us,” Phil told the Naples Daily News. “We were able to watch it from inside and take photos.”

3. Walking Away

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.26.37 Am

Image: fox 4

It… got back up, strolled to the side of the deck, looked back at us a few times and walked away,” Phil told the NY Daily News. “We were then pretty scared to go outside.”

2. Never Again

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.29.11 Am

Image: wink news

Both families never saw their enormous cat friends ever again. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them all. After all, it’s not every day you get close enough to a mountain lion without ending up its lunch.

1. Amazing Experience

Screen Shot 2018 05 06 At 2.29.54 Am

Image: the news-press

Witnessing a mountain lion up close was obviously an amazing experience for both of these families. While they all seemed pretty excited for the show, we all know that the house cat in Colorado really couldn’t have cared less – what a way to live!

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