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Dogs are highly intelligent animals and they make for loyal pets. There’s a reason why dog’s are often called man’s best friend. However, when a man adopted a dog from an animal shelter he had no idea what he was in for. The dog had a very odd habit of watching the man sleep all night. The reason why will shock you!

20. Adopting Dogs

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Image: youtube

Many of us know how important it is to help out dogs by adopting them from animal shelters. Animal shelters often house dogs that have been abandoned or abused and these dogs particularly need love the most.

19. One Dog

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Image: honest to paws

Understanding just how important it is to adopt, one couple decided to go out of their way to adopt a dog. Everything was going great until the couple started to notice some very odd behavior that would only happen at night.

18. Sleeping

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Image: honest to paws

Whenever the couple would get into bed to go to sleep, they noticed that their dog would display some pretty odd behavior. He would sit by the bedside and watch the couple sleep all throughout the night…

17. Waking Up

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Image: youtube

When the couple woke up, they thought they would see the dog asleep on the bed. However, the dog was still awake and was still staring at them. At first they brushed it off as a random occurrence but it kept happening…

16. Waiting It Out

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Image: youtube

The couple decided to wait out the behavior to see if it would go away. After all, maybe the dog was just uncomfortable in his new home and needed time to adjust. However, the behavior just kept continuing.

15. Uncomfortable

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Image: youtube

The couple started to get really uncomfortable with the behavior when it still continued for a few weeks. They decided that they would do some things to help tire out the dog before bedtime.

14. Lots of Exercise

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Image: honest to paws

The man and woman decided that they would get the dog lots of exercise throughout the day. They figured this would tire him out enough to get him to sleep through the night. So did the plan work?

13. Still Happening

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Image: youtube

The couple continued to play with the dog and hoped that he would be exhausted each night. However, each night the dog still stood by the bed and watched the couple sleep. It was then they decided to get professional help.

12. Vet Visit

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Image: youtube

Worried that the issue might be health-related, the couple brought the dog to the veterinarian. They wanted to rule out any health issues and hoped that the vet could be of assistance. So what did the vet find out?

11. Perfectly Healthy

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Image: quora

At the vet’s office, the veterinarian looked over the dog. After doing some tests he found absolutely nothing wrong with the dog. This left the couple even more puzzled than before…

10. Confused

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Image: youtube

The couple was completely confused at this point. They had no idea why their dog was displaying such strange behavior and they didn’t know what to do next. Then they came up with a new idea.

9. Animal Shelter

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Image: youtube

Eventually, after the vet’s visit the couple decided that they would return to the animal shelter where the dog was originally adopted. They figured maybe the staff at the shelter would be able to shed some light on the situation.

8. An Answer

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Image: youtube

When the couple described what was happening to the animal shelter staff, the staff immediately knew what the issue was. They quickly disclosed the sad backstory about the dog that the couple had adopted.

7. Abandoned

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Image: youtube

The dog that the couple adopted had actually been abandoned at the shelter by its original owner. When the dog was fast asleep, the owner picked the dog up and dropped him off at the shelter. The dog never saw his owner again…

6. Traumatized

Screen Shot 2018 04 22 At 2.02.13 Am

Image: youtube

The dog was horribly heartbroken and traumatized by his previous owner’s abandonment of him. This backstory finally explained the mystery of why the dog refused to fall asleep every night.

5. Trust Issues

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Image: youtube

The dog had trust issues with his new owners and didn’t want to risk losing another owner again. With this knowledge at their disposable, the couple knew that they had to do something to instill trust between them and their new pal.

4. Moving The Bed

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Image: honest to paws

In order to show the dog that they had no intention of every abandoning him, they moved his bed right next to theirs. They wanted him to know that he could rest every night without the fear of being abandoned once more.

3. Falling Asleep

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Image: youtube

Once the dog’s bed had been moved to the bedroom of his new owner’s, the couple immediately noticed a difference in the dog’s mood and behavior. He seemed to be more sure of his place at the house. So did he fall asleep at night then?

2. Good Night’s Rest

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Image: honest to paws

Finally, the dog fell asleep and spent the entire night sleeping. The couple was happy that they had finally solved the mystery and were able to help out their new pet so that he could finally be happy and well-rested.

1. Happy Ending

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Image: youtube

The dog’s behavior truly shows just how emotionally intelligent dog’s are. Thanks to his new owner’s, this dog no longer ever has to worry about being abandoned again.

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