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While most couples would settle for adopting a dog or a cat, this couple felt like doing things a little differently. Exotic animals are beautiful to look at and interact with, but how many of us would adopt one as a pet? Well, this couple decided that they wanted to and you won’t believe how it’s going!

20. The Powell’s

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Justin and Stella Powell are a couple that lives in Florida. They were in search of an animal to adopt, to complete their family, but they soon realized that something conventional would never do. So what did they get?

19. Exotic Animal

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The couple decided that they wanted a pet that would be more interesting. Instead of getting a dog or a cat, this couple decided to adopt a furry little creature with a long curly tail. So what is it?!

18. Interesting Pet

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So what is this thing? Is it a monkey? Some sort of exotic lemur? The pet in question happens to be a kinkajou. So what exactly is a kinkajou you might ask? Well, we’re here to tell you.

17. Kinkajou

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A kinkajou is a rainforest mammal native to Central and South America. The Powell’s bought Stella two years ago from a breeder when she was only three weeks old. Ever since then the family has been smitten by her…

16. Hard Work

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However, owning a kinkajou is a lot of hard work and the Powell’s are well aware of that fact. They understand that Stella is in need of constant care and attention… You’ll never guess what they’re feeding it!

15. High Maintenance

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It’s not like owning a dog or a cat, she is somewhat high maintenance, so there’s a lot of things to think about,” Justin explains. “She’s very rambunctious and energetic; we call her, ‘Our royal highness.'” And this isn’t even the hardest part!

14. Nocturnal

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Stella also happens to be a nocturnal animal. Many people mistake her for being related to a monkey, but a kinkajou is actually more closely related to a raccoon. This leaves Stella to sleep during the day and run around at night. The tiny creature also loves doing the craziest things!

13. A Bit Of Trouble

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Once again, Stella proves to the Powell’s how different owning an exotic animal is when compared to owning a dog. Unlike a dog or a cat, Stella can get herself into some pretty sticky situations thanks to her ability to climb and grab things!

12. Troublemaker

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She can get pretty mischievous and get into things, likes to play fight sometimes, likes to wrestle, climb things. She is quite a handful,” Justin remarked. So what gives Stella this amazing ability?

11. The Tail

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Kinkajou’s are one of only two carnivores that have a prehensile tail. This tail acts as a fifth arm and allows Stella to move around with ease. It also allows her to get into trouble here and there as well.

10. Diet

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Many people that find out about Stella often wonder what her diet consists of. Justin and Samantha have described Stella as a frugivore. So what does a frugivore eat?

9. Eating

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Kinkajous are frugivores, which means omnivores with a heavy preference for fruit. So she eats a lot of fruit, bananas are her favorite,” Justin says. Stella can often be spotted chasing after a banana and devouring one with delight written on her face.

8. Training

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People that have followed the family’s story and home life have also often wondered how they have managed to train Stella. To this, Justin often laughs. “What training?” Justin says, jokingly.

7. No Training

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Kinkajous don’t train very well, it’s a matter of letting her do what she wants,” Justin explains. Stella definitely has a blast living with her family and although she can be rambunctious she is also very sweet.

6. Like Family

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Stella thinks of Samantha and I as her parents, and our son is definitely a little brother to her, and they can annoy each other sometimes,” Justin says. The couple doesn’t regret their decision to purchase Stella one bit.

5. Negative Feedback

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I think the negative feedback folks just kind of keep their distance and regard us as crazy animal people and the positive ones want to get in on the action and come to see her immediately.”

4. Happy

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The Powell’s are incredibly happy to have Stella in their lives. One of their favorite moments is when Stella likes to snuggle up. She does so during the day since she is a nocturnal creature.

3. Major Debate

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There is still a major debate over whether exotic animals should be allowed as pets. Many people have criticized the Powell’s for keeping Stella and say that she should be released into the wild.

2. Enjoying Life

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Regardless of the negative criticism that they have received, both the Powell’s and Stella have been enjoying their lives together. Stella looks very happy and always has a mischievous grin on her face.

1. Social Media

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Image: instagram

The family continues to let people into their lives with Stella by uploading onto social media. On their account. @stellathekinkajou, they upload photos and videos of Stella and the family’s shenanigans!

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