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How many of us would completely freak out if we happened to open a bag of mulch only to find a tiny creature inside? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one Reddit user. So he decided to document exactly what happened. You’ll be blown away by the photos he took and the way he decided to care for this little creature.

20. The Bag

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Image: laois sawmills ltd

Reddit user Nadtacular had just purchased a bag of mulch to use on his yard. It was a typical day and the purchase didn’t seem very out of the ordinary. That was until he opened up the bag…

19. Opening It Up

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Image: love backyard

Nadtacular opened up the bag and mulch and was instantly surprised to find a tiny creature inside. The Florida native was shocked at what he saw. So what was hiding inside of the bag?

18. A Baby

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Inside of the bag of mulch was a tiny baby squirrel. Nadtacular pulled out a tiny, hairless, baby squirrel and he could tell that it was fighting for its life. He knew there was only one thing to do.

17. Helping Out

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Nadtacular knew that he couldn’t very well leave the squirrel to take care of itself. It looked about five weeks old and it would surely perish without some help. So the man decided that he would help the baby out.

16. Zip

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Nadtacular decided to take in the squirrel and look after him. He began to force feed him milk to help him gain his strength back. Then he named him Zip.

15. Two Weeks

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After two weeks had gone by, Zip was doing better and better. He was eating on his own and was growing at a normal pace. Nadtacular was extremely happy with the progress.

14. Eating Well

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Nadtacular posted updates about Zip and wrote that he was “eating like a champ.” For the most part, the baby squirrel’s eyes were still shut and then at four weeks the most amazing thing happened!

13. Opened Up

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After four weeks had gone by, Zip finally opened up his eyes for the first time. Nadtacular was extremely excited about this huge milestone. He was excited to see Zip’s reaction to the world around him…

12. More Updates

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One of the latest photos uploaded by Nadtacular is an adorable photo of Zip hanging onto a car steering wheel. That photo instantly went viral on Reddit. You won’t believe the reactions it got!

11. Reddit

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Reddit went absolutely crazy over the photo of Zip on the steering wheel. Since it was posted, the photo has received more than 68,000 up votes on Reddit and has been viewed nearly 300,000 times on image-sharing site Imgur.

10. Still Feeding

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Since Zip has never been taught to fend for himself, he still very much relies on Nadtacular. The Florida native makes sure to feed Zip whenever he is hungry and Zip is very thankful!

9. Inseparable

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For now, it seems that this duo won’t be separating anytime soon. They have a truly close bond but this isn’t the first time someone happened to take in a squirrel and give them a second chance at life…

8. Soldier’s Love

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Back in 2012, two Belarusian soldiers found a baby squirrel that was nearly frozen to death. They knew he couldn’t leave it out in the cold to die so he decided to help. It was the best decision they ever made.

7. Rescue Mission

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The soldiers brought the frozen squirrel to their warrant officer, Pyotr Pankratau. Pankratau quickly decided to take the squirrel in and help it get better. It wasn’t an easy process.

6. Healing

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Pankratau was determined to help out the little frozen squirrel. He made sure to nurse it back to health and would feed the baby every four hours. Now the two are inseparable!

5. Always Together

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These days, Pyotr and his squirrel, Minsk, are never too far apart. Pyotr has recently changed jobs and now drives a taxi cab. During his shifts you can find Minsk tagging along for fun.

4. Viral

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When the Internet heard news about the adorable tale of Pyotr and Minsk the story quickly went viral. It seems that the Internet has a soft spot for individuals willing to sacrifice their time to help out a furry creature, Still, not everyone approves.

3. Wild Animals

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Joanna Fitzgerald, director of the wildlife rehabilitation clinic at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, has advised against keeping wild animals as pets. “All wild babies have extremely specialized nutritional requirements and will not thrive on commercial milk formulas sold at pet stores,” she said.

2. Disadvantages

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Most wild animal babies have littermates so they can cuddle and interact. A wild animal raised with people is already at a disadvantage because it will become tame and lose its natural fear of people. This makes it impossible to release the animal back into the wild.”

1. Positive Thinking

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Still, without the help of these wonderful humans, these two baby squirrels might not have had a chance at life at all. It is wonderful to see humans go out of their way to help out tiny baby animals that need it the most.

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