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What would you do if you discovered a bunch of abandoned baby animals? Would you try to help them? Would you just let nature figure it out? For one man in India, the discovery of four baby chipmunks left him with a serious dilemma. Knowing that the babies were terrified and in need of their mother, this man went out of his way to save their lives.

20. Natural Disaster

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Honest to paws

When a huge cyclone passed through his town in India, one man decided to head out afterwards to see what damage it had done. The man’s name was Peter and out he went to survey the damage. Suddenly, he came across something he didn’t expect to find.

19. Fallen Tree

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Honest to paws

As Peter was walking around he noticed a huge tree that had fallen over during the cyclone. He went over to take a look at it and was surprised by what he found inside. There was a small nest and four baby chipmunks inside.

18. Almost Impossible

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It was amazing to Peter that the chipmunks had even survived the cyclone. The cyclone had winds that reached an astonishing 90 miles per hour. The fact that they survived both the winds and the tree crashing was a miracle.

17. The Nest

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The nest had actually been blown out of the tree during the cyclone. However, the chipmunks seemed to be fine. Still, Peter wondered where their mother was and how long they’d survive without her.

16. Bringing Them Home

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Peter checked over the chipmunk’s to make sure that they didn’t sustain any serious injuries. Once they looked okay, Peter brought them to his home. There he began to take care of them…

15. Feeding Time

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Peter went to look inside of his fridge to see what he could possibly feed the chipmunks. There he found a tiny bit of milk left, he figured that should do for the time being. He placed a few drops in front of the chipmunk’s faces and they began to eat it up!

14. New Idea

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In order to make feeding time easier, Peter came up with a better idea. He put the milk inside of a syringe and fed it to the chipmunks that way. They loved their meal.

13. Starving

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Honest to paws

Although the chipmunks looked pretty good on the outside it was obvious that they were starving. They drank up the milk as if they hadn’t had a good meal in days. Peter was happy that he could help…

12. Energy

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It seems that the milk was a good idea because the chipmunks instantly became more energetic. When Peter first brought them into the house they were a bit laid back and seemed exhausted. Now they were climbing all over him!

11. New Introductions

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Once the chipmunks were settled in, Peter slowly introduced them to his cat, Netty. Netty wasn’t too thrilled by the new guests but she was interested to see how they would act. After all, she’d never see any other animals in the house before.

10. Warmed Up

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After sniffing around for a few minutes, Netty seemed to warm up to the chipmunks. In fact, she seemed pretty pleased to have them around. Peter was relieved to know that Netty wouldn’t be a problem to them.

9. Playing Around

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Once Netty warmed up to the chipmunks that was when the real fun started. She began playing around with them and loved their energetic energy. She even laid on her back and let the chipmunks run on her belly.

8. Attention Hogs

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The chipmunks loved all of the attention they were receiving from both Netty and Peter. In fact, anytime Peter would try to get up the chipmunks would curl up under his toes and refuse to let him leave.

7. Looking For Mom

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Even though Peter was having a great time with the chipmunks he knew he couldn’t keep them. He realized that their mother must be worried sick about them. Peter decided that it was time to help them reunite.

6. Reuniting

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Peter came up with a pretty genius idea to reunite the mother with her babies. He put the chipmunk nest outside on his front porch. Suddenly, their mother showed up out of nowhere!

5. The Mother

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Almost as if by magic, the mother chipmunk showed up by the nest. She began frantically looking for her babies. Peter was excited that the mother had shown up and couldn’t wait to witness this family reunion.

4. First Baby

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The babies were waiting in the nest and the mother quickly scooped up one and went on her way. Peter immediately grew concerned. Would the mother return for the rest of her chipmunks?

3. The Return

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Peter’s worries were soothed when he saw the mother chipmunk return for each one of her babies. She would dart back and forth with each new baby in her mouth. Peter then went outside to check that all of the chipmunks were taken but there was still one left!

2. Daring Mission

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Peter brought the abandoned baby back into the house and placed it on the floor. It wasn’t long before the mother chipmunk darted inside and quickly leapt at the baby. She picked the baby up and was off on her way once more.

1. Caring Soul

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Thanks to Peter and his caring ways, the baby chipmunks were able to survive long enough to finally be reunited with their mother. Their mother is certainly happy to have her babies alive and well and with her again.

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