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What would you do if a stranger came up to you and offered $100,000 for your dog? That’s what one man wanted to find out. This YouTube star decided to come up to complete strangers and ask to buy their dog for $100,000. The responses that he got were unbelievable. 

20. Dawson Gurley

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Dawson Gurley is a big name YouTube personality. He is better known as BigDawsTv and has uploaded dozens of prank and social experiment videos onto the platform. He currently has around 3.5 million subscribers.

19. New Challenge

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Honest to paws

Gurley decided that he needed a new idea for a social experiment video. Finally, after much deliberation he came up with the perfect idea. He wanted to know how much value people place on their animal relationships.

18. $100,000

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Honest to paws

The idea was simple and Gurley knew exactly how he would employ it. While visiting Chicago, Illinois, the YouTuber would walk around with a suitcase filled with $100,000 in cash. He’d offer them the money but there was a serious catch…

17. The Catch

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Honest to paws

The person would only be able to claim the money if they willingly handed over their dog to Gurley. So what were people’s reactions? Were people willing to hand over their dogs in exchange for a big payday?

16. Easy Does It

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The interactions were simple and Gurley was friendly enough to everyone he approached. He would walk up to anyone that he saw walking a dog and start up a quick conversation. Once he felt that the moment was right he made them the offer…

15. Comfortable

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Honest to paws

After he made the offer, Gurley then would open up the suitcase filled with cash. None of the people knew that they were secretly being filmed by Gurley’s cameraman. Everyone’s reactions were priceless.

14. First Offer

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Honest to paws

At first, Gurley offered one woman $10,000 for her dogs. She thought he was just joking and laughed it off. Then Gurley opened up the suitcase and flashed even more money before her eyes.

13. Shocking

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Honest to paws

People were pretty shocked by what they were seeing. After all, it’s not every day that someone flashes you a suitcase filled with $100,000 cash. However, you’d be surprised by how everyone reacted.

12. Declined

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Honest to paws

Nearly everyone walked away from the offer. No one wanted to trade their pet over for some cold hard cash. Gurley wasn’t satisfied yet and decided to keep trying until he found at least one person that was interested.

11. Sweet Reasons

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Honest to paws

Everyone gave some pretty admirable reasons for why they wouldn’t part with their canine pal. “He’s just wonderful. He’s part of a family,” one woman said after Gurley offered her $1 million. “He’s my best friend,” another said.

10. A Different Reaction

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Honest to paws

Finally, Gurley came across one man that had an entirely different reaction to the offer. When Gurley offered the man $10,000 the man responded by saying, “a hundred, probably.” Gurley was instantly intrigued.

9. Taking The Bait

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Honest to paws

Nice, nice” the man said as Gurley opened up the suitcase to show him all of the cash inside. The man’s dog stood right by him and had no idea that his owner was about to sell him for some cold hard cash.

8. Exchange

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Honest to paws

Oh wow, let’s do it,” the dog owner said after seeing all of the cash. “You’re interested?” Gurley asked. “For sure,” the man replied. Then things began to change up some more.

7. Real Money

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Honest to paws

Once the exchange became more immediate the man started to question whether the money was real. “How do I know it’s real?” the man asked. “Take it, and I’ll take your dog,” Gurley reassured him, “It’s $100,000, you can count it.”

6. The Wife

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Honest to paws

The man started to realize what a big decision he was going to make and then thought of something. “My wife might agree, let’s see,” he said. “Babe!” he yelled out into the distance.

5. Selling The Dog

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Honest to paws

Babe, we’re selling Bernie for 100 grand!” the man told his wife as she walked over carrying their child. “What?” she questioned and the look on her face showed her astonishment at what was going on.

4. Not Selling Him

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Gurley immediately told the man’s wife that he would hand her over the suitcase and would take the dog from them. Her response? “No.” It seems that the wife was not okay with selling over her dog but her hand on the other hand…

3. Funny Reaction

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You can focus more on the kids now,” Gurley told them. The wife still continued to say no. Finally the husband spoke out and said, “I would but she’s not doing it.” Gurley finally got somewhat of a reaction that he was looking for.

2. Like Family

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Honest to paws

Still, throughout most of the video Gurley was met with people who refused to give up their dogs as they considered them to be family. “I cannot live with $100,000 and just, like, thinking that I just gave my dog away,” one man told Gurley when he asked if he would sell off his Chihuahua.

1. Valuable

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Honest to paws

It seems that this video has really shown just how valued dogs are to people. Most of us consider our dog to be a part of the family and trading our family member in for some cash isn’t such an enticing idea after all.


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