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Ducks need to be really careful about where they take their babies because predators are waiting around every corner. The little ducklings are always in danger, and not just from predators! You won’t believe what happened to this poor duck…

22. Adorable Duckings

Ducks are very devoted animals, especially when it comes to their ducklings. One of their main concerns once they have babies is to find a safe place to build their nest. But sometimes it’s proven to be harder than you’d think…

21. Duck Mothers

Right after hatching out of the eggs, ducklings are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. That’s why their mommy has to keep a close eye on them, so they won’t get hurt. But this duck you’re about to meet found herself in a terrible situation and the only solution was to ask for help. Here’s what she did…

20. Taking A Walk

Our story starts when a man from Pheonix went on a pleasant walk around the park and he heard a weird noise. Curiosity got the best of him and he went to check out what was happening. After taking a closer look… he was shocked!

19. Quacking Noises

As the man got closer to the duck who was making weird noises, he started hearing chirps coming from under a sewer drain. This is when he realized what was going on…

18. Mamma Duck Needs Help

The mamma duck was quacking because she needed help. Her babies got stuck behind the sewer drain and she couldn’t pull them out. However, the man’s arms were too big to fit into the sewer so he came up with this brilliant idea…

17. Calling For Help

Without giving it any second thought, the man called the local firemen to help him out. Even though this wasn’t a life or death scenario, the firefighters were more than happy to help out. You won’t believe how intense the rescue mission has been! Check it out…

16. Rushing To The Scene

Just like you would expect from firefighters, they rushed to the scene and were ready to do some heavy duty work. Keep reading to see how the firefighters managed to get out the little ducklings. It’s insane!

15. Removing The Sewer Gate

Even though the firefighters are strong men, they couldn’t simply remove the sewer gate. It was too heavy! Luckily, they came prepared for this sort of task. After 10 minutes…

14. Ten Minutes

Fortunately, the firefighters had all the necessary tools to remove the sewer gate, but it still took them more than ten minutes to do it! You won’t believe what happens next!

13. Strong Men

The firefighters grabbed on to the sewer gate at the same time and they pulled as hard as they could. The gate was removed and now one of them needed to get in. While everyone was trying to save the tiny ducklings, the mother duck was waiting… and then the cutest thing happened!

12. Going Down

Firefighters are known for their braveness, but these ones take things to the next level. One of them jumped straight into the sewer without thinking about the risks, and he was ready to start saving the ducklings.

11. Scared Ducklings

This should come as no surprise, but the ducklings were frightened and they started running away. The poor birds didn’t realize that the firefighters were there to help. And then…

10. Pulling Them Out

It didn’t take long for the firefighter who jumped in to pull out all the ducklings and place them in a box. Now that they were saved, they still had one more challenge to overcome…

9. The Right Place

The firefighters couldn’t simply let the ducklings go because they would wander off and get lost. This is why the brave men needed to find a safe location to set them free.

8. Freedom!

After looking around for a couple of minutes, one of the firefighters saw that a lake was nearby and decided to open the box. What do you think the ducklings did at the moment they got out of the box?

7. Running To Mamma

The little ducklings were so scared that they ran straight to their mamma as soon as they got out of the box. This was an adorable moment and the firefighters knew that they did the right thing.

6. Learning To Fly

The mamma duck needs to be extra careful of where she takes her babies until they learn to fly. The ducklings are so small that they can get stuck in the tightest spaces.

5. Amazing People

If there’s one thing we can take from this story, then it must be that firefighters are amazing people who are not afraid to risk their lives in order to save others.

4. The Police Force

Firefighters are not the only ones who help the ones in need since there are hundreds of reports which show the police force doing the same thing. These are the people who make the world a safer place.

3. A Helping Hand

We should all learn to give a helping hand to those in need, even though those who need it might be a group of small ducklings. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

2. A Happy Life

Now that the ducklings are safe, they are ready to live a happy life alongside their mother. No harm is going to come to them as long as their mother is around!

1. Lucky Ducklings

There was no way for the little ducklings to come out the sewer drain and luckily, their mother knew how to call for help. Isn’t this story incredible?

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