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Meet The Jenga Pistol – And How To Build It

I actually enjoy playing Jenga (particularly if it’s a drinking versionIr?Source=Bk&Amp;T=Funnybeaver 20&Amp;Bm Id=Default&Amp;L=Ktl&Amp;Linkid=867C2C11B63Afccf62Cb5F2E8Bc8984F&Amp; Cb=1453332025976¬†of the game) and I’ve played it quite a bit, even though I’m not too good at it. Oh well. Well any ways, this Jenga pistol is pretty old, but this is the first time I have seen it, and I want one. In these videos this guy is going to show you the Jenga pistol, then how to make one. He sells plans to build it on his website for like six bucks if you can’t figure it out on your own. After this check out how to make a pretty awesome wooden speed loader.


Meet The Jenga Pistol


How To Build The Jenga Pistol



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