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How To Build This AR-15/M4 Wooden Magazine Speed Loader

Anyone who has spent time loading AR-15/M4 magazines knows how old it can get. Especially if you’re working the ammo point at a M4 range. This little wooden AR-15/M4 magazine speed loader makes that way, way easier. The video of this simple yet pretty awesome AR-15/M4 magazine speed loader went viral on the internet not to long ago. Well I was looking around Youtube today and found the video on How To Build This AR-15/M4 Wooden Magazine Speed Loader. The build actually looks pretty simple and could be easily completed within one weekend.

Here Is the Original Video Of This Simple Wooden AR-15/M4 Magazine Speed Loader:


And Here Is How To Build The Wooden AR-15/M4 Wooden Magazine Speed Loader

And Another Video On How To Build The Wooden AR-15/M4 Wooden Magazine Speed Loader

MrLarry0001 alos sells his plans for this project on his website.



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