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Tap into your true nerd with the Monopoly Star Trek Klingon Edition

Usually the letters NSFW apply to pornography, beheadings or use of vulgar language but for your sake, you might want to consider Monopoly Star Trek Klingon Edition NSFW too.

All seriousness aside (see what I did there?) Monopoly is one of my favorite games. It’s one of the only board games that can make you feel the weight of the real world. A game where you’re riding high one moment and in the next, the bank has you laid over a barrel as you take it up the tailpipe. AKA real life.

But it’s still a thrill ride and teaches you some valuable life lessons. As a kid, I learned about the concept of money and taking calculated risks from this game. I even understood a key Ace Venture: When Nature Calls joke thanks to this game. (“And you must be the Monopoly guy. Thanks for the Free Parking.”)

Monopoly has come out with many special editions over the years. We’ve seen New York Monopoly, Back to the Future Monopoly (my favorite), Snap-on Tools Monopoly, Game Of Thrones Monopoly and now Star Trek Klingon Monopoly.

Monopoly Star Trek Klingon


If you consider yourself a Trekkie, then you’ll love this one. The text throughout the board game is written in both English and Klingonese. The average race car, dog, top hat, and thimble are replaced by things like the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Klingon captain’s chair, the High Court gavel and of course a D’k tahg. How could they not have a D’k tahg. Am I right?

Instead of the usual Baltic Avenue, Water Works and Boardwalk, the game properties are various alien worlds seen in Star Trek canon. Houses and hotels are now Outposts and Capitals.

The colorful game board and wicked game pieces will easily excite the nerd in you. You’ll be saying “be’ nIS ‘Iv?” in no time. Translation (not that you need it): “Who needs women?” Or men for that matter. Nerds are not limited to men. Nerdom is pretty non-discriminatory actually.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know what kind of financial headaches Worf had to deal with when he wasn’t being Chief of Security on the Enterprise, buy this friggin’ game. Or ghu’vam je’ Quj friggin’.



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