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Patriotic Independence Day Memes

The 4th of July is big. If there’s a day that all Americans can forget their problems and come together to celebrate our country, it’s the fourth of July. There’s something about celebrating the birth of the greatest nation on earth that lets us forget all our differences and celebrate what we have in common, even if it’s for just one day. Check out these patriotic independence day memes that’ll get that fire burning in your heart!

Meme Of Cake Featuring Stars And Stripes On Inside

This one takes the cake!


Pug Dressed Up With Stars And Stripes With Stars And Stripes Decorated Guitar Glasses

This Pug is definitely crushing it.


Meme Of A Fun July 4Th Activity Featuring A Hotdog And Making Eye Contact

Awkward but patriotic.

Happy 4Th Of July Meme Featuring A Dog In A Stars And Stripes Cape

If Captain America had a dog.

Meme With Captain America Captioned With Remember To Leave Milk And Cookies For Captain America Tonight

He might not leave you presents, but he’ll make fireworks.


David Spade With Mullet Hairstyle Asking Rhetorically If A Fireworks Stand Owner Is Going To Tell Him He Doesn'T Have A Certain Type Of Fireworks

What kind of fireworks stand owner is this?



Robert Downey Jr Telling Dog To Survive Through Fireworks On Fourth Of July Meme

It’s gonna be like war.

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Will Ferrel Dressed In Crop Top And A Stars And Stripes Bikini Bottom With Caption Saying 86% Of White Girls Be Dressed Like This On Fourth Of July

And every other year too!


Meme Featuring Americans Visiting England And Commenting That Nothing Before July 4Th 1776 Matters

Fireworks celebrating the Big Bang on 4th July 1776.


American Eagle Vs 'Merican Eagle With Karen Hair

With eyes like that, definitely need to be speaking to the manager.


Painting Of George Washington With Caption It'S Only Treason If You Lose Meme.

How do you like them apples?

Portrait Of Founding Fathers Captioned The Original Brexit Meme

We did it first!

Meme Featuring An Old American Answering No To The Request Of Can You Wait Till The 4Th To Light Fireworks,

How can you buy fireworks and then wait for fourth of July? 

Man Getting A Stars And Stripes Sun Tan Captioned With When You'Re 4Th Of July Af Meme



Man Pouring Lipton Tea Into Thames River In London With Caption How Americans Celebrate The 4Th Of July In London

Rub it in their faces!

House Featuring Lawn Manicured As Stars And Stripes

Nothing says America like a well manicured front lawn.



A Man Wearing A Stars And Stripes Tshirt With Every Year He'S Worn It Crossed Out And 2020 Written At The Bottom

Dad’s favorite 4th of July Shirt.

Steve Carrell Captioned Saying I Didn'T Say It, I Declared It In Response To The British Saying Just Saying You'Re Independent Doesn'T Make It True Meme

Declaration of Independence.


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