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SWAT Guys Love The PAV Badger, You Will 2!

Meet the PAV Badger –  The World’s Smallest Tank. This little thing is pretty damn Awesome. It’s great for when the SWAT Team wants to smash into your house.  I couldn’t find too much information on this little tracked vehicle, apparently that’s how they want it.

All I know is that it is about 3000 Pounds is 4 feet tall and 32 inches wide. It fits one man, and he’s protected by ballistic steel, Kevlar reinforced armor and bulletproof Lexan windows. It is used by a select few SWAT Teams around the world, and that there isn’t sh*t about this thing on the internet. The Indian CT Swat force is reportedly interested in procuring this.

Can you imagine sitting at home, watching TV, and then having this little bastard blast through your wall? Terrorists beware!

 Pav Badger  The World'S Smallest Tank

The PAV Badger – World’s Smallest Tank

CPS PAV Badger- 2 Tearing A** Through A House

The World'S Smallest Tank

The World'S Smallest Tank

The World'S Smallest Tank

The World'S Smallest Tank

The World'S Smallest Tank

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