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The Spyra One is the Water Gun of Your Dreams

Who hasn’t run around a backyard playing a water gun fight? It may be the gigantic Super Soakers with pressurized tanks, or the tiny pea shooters, but everyone can agree that a good water gun is worth lots of fun. Now a new Kickstarter campaign has promised to revolutionize water guns. The Spyra One wants to make the “next generation of water guns. “ The Spyra One includes everything you ever dreamed of and probably more: automatically pressurized tank, a digital display burst fire operation that fires water bullets, an ammo counter, quick fill ability, and a chargeable battery.  


Each water bullet is 30 ml, approximately the same as a shot glass of liquid. The auto-refills stops the irritating need to pause the game to refill. “With the push of a button, Spyra One refills the entire tank with water – 25 shots in 14 seconds. Gone are the times where the break to run into the house and refill your tank was the killer of every water battle. With Spyra One, counting your water bullets and refilling strategically becomes part of the fight.”

Meanwhile the digital display ensures that you always know how many bullets are left in the chamber. Spyra One promises that the capacity will last you all day. The gun’s integrated pump pressurizes the water automatically during refilling, and the tank system claims to hold the pressure constant from the first to the last shot. That removes the need to pump the gun again and again.

The valve-nozzle system allows people to hit targets of up to 30 feet. There is a textured rubber handle, a mechanical water filter to prevent particles from entering the water system, a fully electronic trigger system that releases exactly 30 ml of water per shot, and a rugged outer shell.

So many devices today have rechargeable batteries, so how does Spyra One’s measure up? Well, it says it can last for “a full day of water fights with at least 45 refill cycles and 1125 shots.” However, that may be the best case scenario, just like electric cars promising an average miles per gallon. The guns come in two colors, red and blue, and multi-gun packs.


To date, Spyra has shattered its fundraising goal of €51,000 – raising €460,965 to date. That means several stretch goals are on the table.  The Power Shot has already been unlocked. This gives the user the option to release an extra-powerful water bullet after holding down the trigger for a few seconds. The next goal kicks in at €660,000, and earns you an exclusive Kickstarter-green color. The third stretch goal allows for a Comfort Shoulder Strap – “a modified design that allows to attach a shoulder strap for more comfort in extended water fights and transporting Spyra One.”

Spyra One repeatedly assures you that if you are in the market for a water gun that will last all day, you are in luck. The number of people playing all-day water fights who are over the age of 12 may be nil, but the fundraising numbers so that plenty of adults are interested in a fancy water gun, so perhaps the frequency of the all-day water wars will be increasing.

There is still time to back the Spyra One before it ships, so get on over to Kickstarter if you have to have one. If you cant wait, head over to Amazon for some supersoakers!

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