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Star Wars fans are going to appreciate this Star Wars Bluetooth Stormtrooper Speaker

From a galaxy far, far away, The Star Wars Bluetooth Stormtrooper Speaker has made it’s arrival to Earth. Star Wars fans, or any lover of great speakers, can have this great audio device blasting their music. The 5-watt rechargeable speaker looks amazing and sounds excellent.

The Bluetooth-capable speaker is free from the hindrance of cords and wires. If Bluetooth is not your preference? That is not a problem at all. This 15.5-ounce speaker comes with an audio line in socket, and USB cable.

Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker Featured


Now, this speaker is pretty much the best looking audio device in this part of the galaxy. Looks are only half the reason it is so awesome. The sound quality of this speaker rivals any speaker on the market. This replica stormtrooper helmet is a unique audio device.

It’s a fact that this is perfect for any situation. Hosting a party and need a great source of music? Having a few friends over for some food and a few laughs? Unwinding after a long day? This speaker is ideal to set any mood for any environment. Everyone can enjoy this product.


Whether you’ve seen Star Wars tons of times, or you’ve never even heard of Darth Vader. The Star Wars Bluetooth Stormtrooper Speaker is an amusing way to enjoy music or any other audio. Are you looking for an audio device with great looks and amazing sound? The Star Wars Bluetooth Stormtrooper Speaker is perfect for you! If you do much cooking on your grill you might want to have a look at my review of this TIE Fighter gas grill.



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