37 Hilarious Minion Memes and Pictures -

37 Hilarious Minion Memes and Pictures

That’s why they don’t put them on speaker phone!

We can be all this together!

Nor will you want to.

This can’t go on, right?

Or “watch this!”

You got it!

That’s just not fair.

Only that day.
Back away, slowly.

All day everyday.

Then they’re scary as heck.

But I like marshmallows.


Bring it on! 

Where did it go? Where did it go?

So much stress.

Very athletic.

Never talking to myself again.

And then agonize over it all.

Still waiting.

Wow, such a great tip!

I need them!

 I need you so bad.

Let’s just skip to spring or even summer.

Clean them..

You lie.

Nah we get the agony.

Bye bye bye.

Ah it’s protecting me.

I’m so talented.

Yeah what kind of scam are they running?

The master plan.

Which one will you get?

Oh..what have I done?

Who cares?

Where did it go now?

I swear we can make it work.

And then it wasn’t funny.