AK-47 Chair Built By Rainer Weber Is A Gun Lovers Dream

Create the best man cave ever with this insane AK-47 Chair.

Of all the weapons in the history of the Soviet inventory, Avtomat Kalashnikova was the best. Also, sometimes known the “1947 classic”, or plain old AK-47, this thing stood out among the rest of the historic guns & rifles during and after the cold war.

At one time in history, AK-47 made it to the official Mozambique flag. We, also, cannot deny its excessive use across the war-torn Middle East, neighboring countries, and the modern worldwide weapons stockpile – so on and so forth. Eventually, decades later, the AK-47 went as far as to impress the current Austrian designer: Rainer Weber in a truly unique way.

AK-47 Chair Built By Rainer Weber 502

You see, Weber was so impressed with the gun’s that he decided to make a chair out of it. In fact, he used over 4 units of the recently active-in-duty AK-47 guns to use for his latest creation: The Extraordinaire First Design Protected Original AK-47 Chair. It is James Edition’s prized and exclusive online highlight of the day.

What’s there to like about it?

Oh, you mean besides making you look totally bad ass and manly, what is the special thing about this original furniture concept? Rainer Weber’s designs don’t come cheap; they are expensive and that is why it is a great item to be had for any collector out there.

Rumor has it that he had to scour across far and wide corners of the world to get his hands on actual live AK-47 guns. Weber could have used artificial stuff, but he wanted to offer a more authentic feeling. As if getting the permit for scoring these guns was not challenging enough, the T and L shaped angles were a pain in the ass to be applied in a chair design.

AK-47 Chair Built By Rainer Weber 501

Obviously, you are not here to read about the schematics; you need to know that this chrome plated beauty comes in as a limited edition and some other “cool facts.” The framework houses handwoven fabric for arm rest, an official Backhousen Vienna garment for cushioning and back support, and original pistol grips with special protective varnish.

Other details about this chair can be read at various web pages on the internet. However, if you are interested in placing an order, you will have to contact the Extraordinaire James Edition website admins for a custom quote. Since this chair is believed to be made for people with exquisite taste in firearms, it has an undisclosed price. For the right buyer, it won’t be a problem, but the mystery factor is very intriguing these days.

As for Rainer Weber’s other designs, feel free to follow up with his upcoming art exhibitions. Weber has been obsessed with seating designs since he was a child. The self-proclaimed artist has received numerous awards for using art as a medium for exposing his talent. Besides, fellow artists, patrons, and upcoming names practically look up to his work for inspiration.


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