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21 Inspiring Quotes to Share

Inspiring quotes are meant to be shared. The more people quotes are shared with, whether amongst friends, family or even strangers, the more inspiring these quotes become. Read these 21 inspiring quotes and share them with the world.

Inspiring Quote To Share About Love

let all that you do
be done in love.
-bible 1 cor 16:14

It’s so uplifting.


Inspiring Quotes For Sharing About Faith

sometimes your only available transportation
is a leap of faith.

That’s sometimes the scariest form of transportation there is.


Inspiring Quote About Life

the past is your lesson,
the present is your gift,
the future is your motivation.

What will do you with all of these?


Inspiring Quote About Confidence For Sharing

when i look back on my life,
i see pain, mistakes and heart ache.
when i look in the mirror, -unknown

I see strength.


Inspiring Quotes To Share About Self Love

marry your goals,
remain committed to success,
be loyal to your dreams,
it’s okay to choose yourself.
r. H. Sin

It’s okay to believe.


Inspiring Quote About Confidence

daily reminder that you’re a f*cking goddess.

You can do it!


Inspiring Quote About Confidence

i used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me…
now i look around and wonder if i like them.

That’s the better way – stop worrying about others think.


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Inspiring Quote About Life

i can be changed by what happens to me.
but i refuse to be reduced by it.
maya angelou

I’ll just take the lesson and learn from it.


Inspiring Quote About New Direction

New month.
new beginning.
new mindset.
new focus.
new start.
new intentions.
new results.

New everything.


Inspiring Quote About Attitude

if i ever let my head down,
it will be just to admire my shoes.

And they’ll be pretty awesome.


Inspiring Quote About Little Steps

a great attitude becomes a great day,
which becomes a great month,
which becomes a great year,
which becomes a great life.
mandy hale

It just keeps snowballing.


Inspiring Quote About Attitude

don’t forget to be awesome.

Every day.


Inspiring Quote About Life

evaluate the people in your life;
then promote, demote, or terminate.
you’re the ceo of your life.

You can make the decisions as needed.


Inspiring Quote About Taking Control Of Your Life

we cannot direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails.
dolly parton

Don’t let the wind carry you away.


Inspiring Quote About Attitude

wear your tragedies as armor,
not shackles.

They didn’t kill you, they made you stronger.


Inspiring Quote About Accepting Change

allow yourself to transform as many times as you need
to be fully happy and free.
yung pueblo

Transform as needed.


Inspiring Quote About Treating Others Well

anyone can find the dirt in someone.
be the one that finds the gold.
-bible proverbs 11:27

This is a better trait.


Inspiring Quote About Bravery

be bold enough to use your voice,
brave enough to listen to your heart,
and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Be bold.


Inspiring Quote About Being Positive

ignore the negativity and keep shining.

The world needs that brightness.




Inspiring Quote About Life

life is very short.
insecurity is a waste of time.
diane von furstenberg

Don’t worry too much, or you’ll waste too much.


Inspiring Quote About Kindness

have a heart that never hardens,
a temper that never tires,
and a touch that never hurts.

Be as soft as you can be, but not pliable or manipulated.



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