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10 Best Headline Memes for May 21 2021

1. Golden State Warriors Defeated by Lakers

Lakers Beat Warriors Meme

Read about Lebron’s nail biting game winner here.

2. Trump Secretly Obtained Reporter’s Phone and Email Records

Trump Secretly Obtained Phone Records Meme

Find out more about Trump’s war against reporters.

3. Tim Cook to Testify in EPIC Apple Trial

Epic Apple Trial Meme

Read on to find the latest on the Epic Apple trial.

4. Canada to Surpass US in Vaccination Rate

Canada To Surpass Us Vaccination Meme

Read the details about Canada’s vaccine drive.

5. Australia Hints at War with China

Australia Hints At War With China Meme

Read about why Australia is hinting at war.

6. Jakarta Residents Waiting for Court Ruling on Environmental Law

Jakarta Waits For Court Ruling Meme

Read about Indonesia’s fight against pollution.

7. Get Vaccinated for a Chance to Win a Live Cow

Live Cow For Covid Vaccine Meme

Read about the chance to win a cow by being vaccinated.

8. Israel and Hamas Announce Ceasefire

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Mideast Peace Meme

Find out about the Israeli Hamas ceasefire.

9. Microsoft to End Support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Won'T Die Meme

Find out if Microsoft can finally kill off Internet Explorer.

10. Australia Swarmed by Millions of Mice

Mice Swarms Australia Meme

Read about Australia’s plague of mice.

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