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10 Funniest Headlines Memes For May 27 2021

1. Extinct Tortoise Alive in Galapagos

Extinct Giant Tortoise Living In Galapagos Meme

Read about this discovery.

2. Kim Kardashian Fails Baby Bar

Kim Kardashian Fails Baby Bar Meme

Find out about Kim’s Failed Exam.

3. Queen Ready to Meet Biden

Queen Getting Ready To Meet Biden Meme

Read about the preparations on both sides of the Atlantic for this history meeting.

4. Monica and Chandler are Real Life Cousins

Monica And Chandler Real Life Cousins Meme

Find out about this crazy coincidence.

5. Flight Attendant Loses 2 Teeth in Fight with Passenger

Flight Attendant Loses 2 Teeth Meme

Read about the awful inflight incident.

6. French Young Adults Guilty of Blaming Covid on China

Guilty Of Blaming China For Covid Meme

Find out what happened in this court case.

7. Vaccine Tourists Flocking to US

Vaccine Tourists Meme

Find out about this new trend in tourism.

8. Indians Avoid Lockdown with Inflight Nuptials

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Indian Wedding In Flight Meme

Read the details of this happy yet illicit affair.

9. Ancient Judeans Ate Non-Kosher Fish

Ancient Judeans Ate Nonkosher Fish Meme

Find out about this shocking discovery.

10. Billions in Iraqi Oil Money Stolen

Iraqi Oil Money Gone Meme

Read about this episode of the lack of government oversight.

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