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Top 10 Funny Headline Memes May 19 2021

1. Federer Defeated Before French Open

Federer Defeated Before French Open Meme

Find out more about Federer’s defeat here.

2. Joe Biden Test Drives New Ford Electric Pickup

Biden Jokes About Running Over Reporter Meme

Read more about Joe Biden’s joke about running over reporters.

3. Capitol Riots Forces GOP to Choose Between Truth or Trump

Gop To Choose Between Truth Or Trump Meme

See which one they’ll choose.

4. Galapagos Landmark Collapses into Sea

Darwin'S Arch Collapses Meme

Find out more about this famous landmark.

5. Divorce Rates in China Falls

Divorce Rates Fall In China Meme

Read on to see if this is just a statistical anomaly or a change of heart.

6. Europe Easing Travel Restrictions

Europe Opening Travel Meme

Read on to stay abreast of travel restrictions.

7. Bitcoin crashes

Bitcoin Crashes Meme

Find out how much money you could have lost!

8. Chinese Skyscraper Wobbles For No Reason

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Wobbling Chinese Skyscraper Meme

Find out more about the story of the wobbling skyscraper.

9. Demi Lovato Reveals They Are Nonbinary


Demi Lovato Nonbinary Meme

See what pronoun they want to use.

10. Jonas Brother Returns to The Voice

Nick Jonas Returns To The Voice Meme

Read the full story here.

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