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TFB Short Clips

Originally posted on September 8, 2017 @ 9:56 am

 20 Hilarious Sayings

Sometimes we need to say it more than once. And also explain that friend to the other friends.



Double caffeine ended, that’s for sure. Maybe even an energy drink for good measure.


I don’t want to be around it, but unfortunately, I can’t be a hermit!


You’d think after 5 years of owning this toaster, I’d know what I was doing…


I’m going to blame the dog.


Acknowledge my efforts.


This parent knows that there is no maybe but doesn’t want to say “no.”


Trying so valiantly but failing then falling.


It’s one that is used unfortunately so much around here.



Try it. Just try it. You can’t, can you?


If you’re ordering a mochafrappucino with no whip double shot, I have no time for this.


The ultimate bargaining chip she has.


Let me out, I can figure this out on my own, I don’t have time to figure out your stuff. 


Yes! How about a major medical disaster? Then a career change! Maybe a new dog?


I guess it’s okay, because either way, something gets done.


Are there pictures? Video?


Yes, I’m such a go-getter!



And you won’t get the golden ticket either.


And I have maximum drama there..



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