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TFB Short Clips

36 Funny and Cute Animal Pictures

That dog looks disgusted! And he eats from the trash.


He’s all worn out! Doggone tired.


You’re incorigable.


That’s one way.


Aw, have this little guy’s spirit.




I’m terrified!


How fun for the other dog.




Little bobblehead dog!




No idea.


Fat little paws!


Quality content.


Protect and defend!


Shell out the bucks.


Clever owner and dog.


Do it.




She loves it!


All of them!


Sugar glider tongue!


Back it up.


He’s waiting.


Devious Doxie.




She’s so proud!




This isn’t going to be well. 


How dare they!


I’m so glad!


Carry me!


And there you go!


Come on.




He thinks it’s a drive-thru.


Oh no, reinflate!



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